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I made the mistake of going to the UPS store in Saco, Maine to get something faxed. First of all the price was ridiculous...3 dollars for one page with no cover sheet.

Then the idiotic clerk put my Visa card through their machine and then announced in a loud voice for all the customers to hear "it's in invalid debit card". So of course everyone stares. I KNEW there was nothing wrong with that card and it was their machine but the big *** just kept repeating "it's an invalid card". So I had no cash on me so I said that's fine it's not a invalid card and walked out and then he said in a loud voice "oh you are leaving without paying?" and I said in an equally loud voice "I just tried to pay with my VALID debit card"...and walked out without my fax copy.

I was just steaming. I checked my debit card expiration date and it was not expired then I drove all the way to the bank to check the balance and there was over 500.00 in my account. So this *** embarrassed me and inconvenienced me. So I got a receipt at the bank showing my balance and got some cash to bring back to the UPS store so they could not do something idiotic like call the police on me.

I also wanted to confront this *** who embarrassed me.

So I walk in and show him the receipt and the card saying it is NOT invalid here is my balance and the card is not expired. He wouldn't even look at it. Or admit there may have been something wrong with the machine.

So I said listen you are a ***. Then the owner comes storming out all pissed and was just as bad blaming ME for their mistake. So I paid the 3 bucks and I said you know what you are a *** too! And get this...the clerk looked familiar and I finally placed where I recognized his ugly face.

He is a child rapist and on the sex offender registry in Maine!!!! And this *** is embarrassing ME...!!!!!

I bought my own fax machine..don't ever go to UPS they employ child rapists and are a bunch of *** idiots.

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Just to back up the poster, the clerk IS in fact on the sex offeder registry as a child rapist.....

Asia, Negros Occidental, Philippines #15569

Nice...really nice. How about you take it easy with the slandar.

UPS Stores hire baby rapists? Are you out of your mind? Yeah the *** should have said sorry it may be our machine but to state UPS Stores hire child rapists? You are aware there are 4000 ups stores in the US and I can assure you the ones I have visited have been great.

Your post has the sound of a stark raving lunatic.

You would have simply asked the clerk if you could come back later an pay since neither of you have any idea what is going on with the debit card. Grow up, I realize the world is happening to you and you felt like a victim...suck it up and act like an adult.

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