I'm sure this is a very common complaint from those dealing with UPS when it crosses over to Canada.

I paid $40 for a jacket.

The website only offered UPS shipping, so I accepted, paid the approx $17 in shipping fees and had the item delivered.

It arrived a day early, fortunately, but unfortunately, I was not home. Even more unfortunately is the fact that, whether I was home or not, I would have to pay a Brokerage C.O.D. fee of $17 to UPS. That's how much they charge when crossing the border to Canada.

In total, I would be spending $36 in shipping fees for a $40 item.

I've had things shipped to me from China and I've never payed this much in fees (the entire product price) yet, with UPS, this seems common place. I was absolutely enraged.

And apparently it's my job as a consumer to verify this? BS.

It's not like I did something wrong, or I am a unique case. They charge this ALL THE TIME, as if they're a novelty company that sprays your packages in perfume and wraps them in pretty ribbons. I'm not happy at all.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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Brokerage is the taxes charges by Customs Canada. The import tax on clothing is 28%, then you have to pay HST and finally a a fee to UPS for paying these charges on your behalf.

Say you have HST of 13%, with the tariffs and HST you would be paying an additional $16.40 before UPS took it's portion.

I order often from both China and the US. From China, companies are more willing to mark things as a sample and give a $0.00 declaration because this is not illegal in China. However, this practice is highly illegal in both the US and Canada.


I think we should not even deliver anything to Canada, given the fact that we have carried your baggage for decades. The last time you people even tried to help out was in WWII and then only with an "attitude." Actually, a nice large fence with "no admittance" all around Canada would be nice.

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