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The importance of preventing sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, discrimination, retailition, work environment is to ensure all employees are treated with respect and dignity, not reporting or codoning UPS actions are in direct conflict with employees values. UPS is not in compliance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts nor in compliance with state civil right laws as well as fair employment laws. We must know or rights and report any unethical practices that UPS is doing to the employees directly or witness without being afraid of being terminated. Verbal or physical conduct affects individual employment, unreasonably interferes with his/her work performance, creates and intimidating hostile or offensive work environment. We are all frustrated by the corporate behavior at UPS. It's going to take all of us near and far to work together. We need to stop UPS from sexual harassment discrimination hostile work environment retailation and wrongful discharge of the employees who are victims of being terminated because of the poor management at UPS. Let's start right now to get employees fairness in the workplace.

To: United Parcel Services

Stop sexual harassment retailiton wrongful discharge discrimination and hostile work environment

Sincerely, [Your name]

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