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I was expecting a package and wait in my apartment all day. The buzzer rings.

"Who is it" I ask through the intercom. "UPS". I buzz him through the lobby door and go into the hallway to wait because my aprtment is messy and I don't want the guy to see. I see the elevator called to the lobby.

It goes to the basement and then back to the lobby. And stops. Five minute later, I go down stairs to see four notices. Three to other tenants that their package is with the building superintendent and one for me: Could not be delivered.

None of the A-B-C-D boxes are checked on the notice indicating reasons why it couldn't be left. I buzzed the guy in and he did not deliver the package. I stay home all day the next day waiting for redelivery. No UPS truck comes.

On the UPS website: Second delivery attempt made.

Who works for UPS? People the United States Postal Service layed off?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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