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I had very disappointing experience with UPS. I called and attempted to have the package held by using the automated system. The automated system did not give me the usual prompt to hold the package, so I pressed 0 to speak to an operator. I explained to the operator that I wanted the package held at the UPS facility, but it seemed like the option had been removed from the automated menu. The customer service representative said that the menu option was not available because the package was going to be held automatically after the first delivery attempt. Being the second delivery attempt had been made earlier in the day, I asked him why a second delivery attempt had been made. He sort of stumbled over the words and said that the driver did that as a "courtesy". It sounded a little odd to me, but since I had no reason not to trust this individual, I thanked him and hung up, assuming that I could pick up the package the next day he suggested.

The next day, I left work early to pick up the package from UPS before they closed at 8pm. I got there with only a few minutes to spare. I presented the InfoNotice to the clerk and was informed that the package had been returned to the sender. I told the clerk that I had called to have the package held and inquired about what went wrong. He first questioned whether I had actually called to have the package held. Then, after I told him exactly what time I called, he stuttered and in a confused and ill-informed manner similar to the customer service rep I had spoken to the day before, attempted to explain that "Level 1 packages cannot be held". I asked him if it was customary for non-UPS personnel to know what "Level 1" meant and to know these types of packages can't be held. I questioned why the customer service rep the night before didn't explain the policy rather than claiming that the package was automatically held. He flatly and with no sort of compassion, caring or concern for me, the customer, said that there was nothing that he could do. I left and thanked him for wasting my time.

I wrote UPS to inform them of the chronic problem with both the customer service representatives at the UPS locations and at the phone center. They frequently lack any sort of customer service skills, are not knowledgeable and frankly don't always hold the packages when asked to, or inform the customer that the package cannot be held, if applicable. They often simply invent policies that are in fact very untrue, without any regard to what happens to the customer and their packages after hanging up the phone. They take absolutely NO pride in their job. I really don't think they consider the ramifications on the customer if the packages are returned to the sender or worse.

I really doubt that my letter will end up anywhere but in the UPS customer service email trash bin, but I've feel like I've done my part. I have alerted them to a serious problem. I doubt that I'm the only person that feels that way, but because the package recipient has little or no control over what carrier is used to ship their packages, the egregious behavior will more than likely continue unchecked. But, I do hold out hopes that this letter may end up in the hands of someone who cares. The company slogan of my employer is "remember who we work for", which is a way to remind each employee that their every action, positive or negative, affects the customer. I urge the UPS employees to remember who you work for, because many people depend on timely delivery of their important packages and trust you to ensure that happens. I am unsure if the employees at UPS consider this fact when they go about their everyday duties. If they did, I think there would be far less Internet based complaints regarding UPS customer dissatisfaction.

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