I bought something on the Internet and it was being shipped to me via UPS.The UPS driver claimed that the address was not deliverable and the business name was wrong, and decided to return it to the sender on the same day.

The fact was that I was in the building and the UPS driver never knocked on the door. Why didn't they call me (the receiver)? Why didn't they call the sender? Why didn't they hold the package for 3-5 days, like they normally should?

When I called the local branch to try to stop the package from being returned to the sender, I was told that the branch supervisor would look into it and call me back in an hour. Nobody called me back and when I called the branch, nobody answered the phone.

Here are UPS's problems: drivers who don't care to deliver the package and branch managements who don't care about customers' satisfaction.If they don't care about us the customers, why should we the customers give them business?

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UPS wont refund me they destroyed a computer i paid alll the money i had to ship it couldn't afford value fee.They admitted they broke it but will only give me a hundred. 500 dollar computer i am calling corporate tomorrow two people i spoke with at ups said they know im being screwed


UPS is a good company, I will say things do happen unfortunatly.I am curious to know what the final outcome was. If you were totally in the right UPS always makes good with its customers at the end of the day.


likely this wasn't even sent ups. they never return things to sender after one delivery attempt, ever.


i think you've eaten at Pat's too many times, the cheese is clogging blood flow to your melon.

look, all packages get THREE delivery attempts, and when an address is incorrect ups will even send a postcard to the recipient... only after all that are they then returned. if yours was sent back to the sender it means you made absolutely no effort to resolve the address issue until it was too late.

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