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UPS has been a nightmare every time I have used them or received a shipment in the last year. Their UPS stores are a license to steal your money.

These are independent franchises and run the stores and shipping any way they want, don't use them. UPS itself has become so big that they don't care and the last several deliveries have been a disaster. Even the gov't is now looking at anti-trust as they try to take over DHL.

My small company and employs can't afford the losses. I do better with post office.

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Been there, done that, wore out the tee shirt, etc....et al.

First - I have found and been told by other companies that USPS is cheaper than UPS, and, IT IS...when you compare their counter rates or those of these UPS stores to that of the USPS...

Second - I have found that FedEX Ground services are quicker, better, easier to use since you can drop off at any FedEx Express location too...AND they are cheaper too! AND, if you need ORMD service, they are up to date and don't have any problems...UPS on the otherhand, don't understand ORMD and want a Hazmat fee and papers, etc...fun, eh??

Finally - UPS is so rude and anti-consumer in their dealings (I won't even call it "services"..), it just incites you to riot and mayham upon their drivers - who deserve that and much more. We have had UPS drivers make false/lying entries into their computer system just because they didn't feel like coming out here for a delivery. I have had their local hub manager tell me that he won't let his driver's use their tire chains in the winter because they will just get stuck and he'll have to send out a tow truck to get them out of the ditch...guess they can't drive in winter conditions OR they just can't SLOW DOWN like any sane person would! So, we don't even get any "attempted" deliveries during the winter months...but, we still have to pay for them when we order...

This issue of winter driving skills and conditions is 10 times worse in Alaska and they don't have any problems. Montana is not that bad and this is just another excuse used by these Butte, MT drivers/manager to deny service without recourse.

We have written the CEO in Atlanta, GA and got a single phone call to smooth over things..since then, nothing has been followed up on or resolved. This company accepts packages and then commits a fraud on the customer...pocketing the money without performance of their services paid for..

Get a FedEx Ground account and "send them to your vendor for each pick up" AND use them to ship to your customers..cost's less and works like it should.

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