Cleveland, Ohio
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I called UPS customer service on Dec 21st and was told my complaint would be investigated and I would be contacted with the results. On Dec.

29th, I called them back and was told that they closed out the investigation. I was never notified. The driver claims the package was delivered so I am basically out of luck. I have had packages delivered to my house by mistake twice so it is not out of the question that my package was delivered to the wrong address.

I understand that packages get lost. It happens. But I would think that they would be a bit more helpful.

I will not use them again.

Monetary Loss: $26.

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UPS driver did not even try to deliver my parcel, he lied and said that the weather conditions were too severe (on a cold but beautiful sunny day). The tracking stated that it was scanned in back at the depot but nobody saw it and it was never seen again.

Clearly it has been stolen.

probably peeled off the label & scanned it in to look like it was returned.


Had a similar problem. Ups posted tracking information stating that package was hand delivered to man at 11pm to my address.

It turned out that packaged was not delivered that day to my house but to our local post office. Post office delivered next day. Incorrect information was deleted from the tracking info and replaced with correct deliver info.

Could the problem be with your local post office.


Ups is horrible run away and dont.look back. They will put you out of business, they have destroyed two of my companies to the of $32,000 with no accountability at all from anyone in the company. Their insurance is bs as well dont waste your money all claims are denied.


Thes people are ***. I had the same issues, they said package was delivered and it was never delivered.


I got a ring on my doorbell, and didn't make it downstairs in enough time. I saw the UPS man in my court, and I tried to get his attention but he drove off.

He didn't leave the package or one of those "We missed you" notes. So I called customer service to see if he'd be back the next day. They said it was marked as left at door. Um..

I was down there less than a minute after he left and was still in the area. It wasn't there.

And I couldn't even open an investigation, apparently the shipper had to! Ludicrous.


I need the address of UPS fraud and theft division to mail the formal complaint and copies of police reports and ATF reports.

The drop off location which packs packages also, did not issue a track # Collected to ship UPS and noted the recipt to call later for a track number. Item stolen and eight week later recovered from Metro Task Force.

Manager at location pending theft and fraud charges. BBB has 92 unanswered complaints.

Need investigation into UPS drop off service.

No responce from UPS! As of June 10 2011


It happened to me on 1-13-10. Per the tracking records, the item was delivered to front door at 5:28pm.

I got home at 5:35pm. No package at door. UPS drivers have no fear as their union covers their incompetent ***. I suggest we spread the word to NOT USE UPS via Facebook, MySpace, and others.

Maybe these incompetent losers will shape up. Or maybe not!


I sent a $900 fixture plus $166 for shipping and some with no address by a compltly different name signed for it. So I am out $1100 well $300 deducted from my paypal account a $600 in collections.

It was a long drawn out process. Like 6 months before they complained about not getting it then a few more months went by... now UPS says its too late for them to worry about it?

WTF? I am still worried about it!


It is then the senders responsibility to resend. They should of requested a signature.

I see ups almost everyday in my neighborhood, they never wait at the door.

anyone driving by or walking by could take the package. or maybe UPS did deliver to wrong address.


When I had packages delivered to my work place, we had to sign for them but if I requested delivery to my home they dropped and ran. Retired now and have no choice.