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On Thursday November 5, 2015 we were waiting for an extremely important package of documents. To spite the fact that there was a contractor working in the house, vehicles in the drive way and lights on throughout the house, the driver never attempted to deliver the package but instead, claimed it was deliverable.

The time frame of delivery, on or around 6:00 pm CST.

The next day, Friday November 6,2015; again at 6:00 pm, lights on, garage open, the driver was at the end of my short winding driveway.

My wife spotted the truck, went outside and called to the driver and the LAZY LIAR, submitted the claim; package deliverable!!

My wife called the service center and insisted the driver be turned around>>>>DID NOT HAPPEN!!! So now our entire business transaction has been delayed till possibly Tuesday 10 November...all because an overpaid lazy liar could not walk down a driveway...

Reason of review: Horrible Coutomer Service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Robstown, Texas, United States #1064572

Wow! We must of had the same driver, but ours claimed he came by on Saturday and that no one was home and there was no secure/safe place to put the package.

Mind you, we were outside working on the yard all morning long. They even said they would attempt a second delivery and that never happened.

I had paid for a next day delivery.

The fact is he never made and attempt and lied about it!

I finally get my package this morning and its in the middle of my yard. (different driver) Go figure!

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