I am furious at UPS - I expected more from your company - but it turns out that you are as inefficient as the USPS! In short here's what happened:

Not being sure that I would be home to sign for a very important package that I absolutely MUST receive today - I logged in to my account and checked to see what my options were. The 2 appropriate choices were - Hold For Will Call at a UPS Operating Facility for free or Deliver to a UPS Retail Location for $5

Thinking that I was dealing with an actual efficient company I reasoned that it would be worth paying the $5 to re-route the package to a local UPS store. No where was there any indication that this would delay delivery. If there had been any such indication I never would have selected this option as I am leaving for a two week trip tomorrow.

Today I call the UPS store. No package. I check the delivery status online. All it says is Delivery Change Requested - but no information on what's happening to the package. The lady at the ups store is kind enough to provide me with a phone number to UPS shipping and after repeating at least 6 times that I wanted an operator the computer lady finally acquiesced. The agent I spoke with "looked into it" and after about 20 minutes and being put on hold numerous times I was told that there was nothing that could be done about it. I asked to speak with a supervisor. She said that she had expected that and that I was already on the que for a supervisor but that she did need my phone number - so I gave it to her. After being put on hold for another few minutes the call was dropped. I waited to see if I would be called back as I had just given her my phone number but after 15 minutes I realized that that was just wishful thinking…

I called back and after getting past the computer lady to a new agent he said he understood that I wanted to speak with a supervisor but he would really like to try to help me out meanwhile so we went through the whole story again with the exact same predictable result - 20 minutes later he figured out that he couldn't help me and had to put me through to the supervisor.

After 5 minutes the supervisor came on and I explained to her that I didn't care where it was - I know it's somewhere in the vicinity and I'd go pick it up wherever that would be - she said that they were unable to determine where exactly that package was at this time but sweetly said she'll see what she can do and she'll have someone call me back within an hour.

Sure enough someone calls me back - I explain the situation to him - he says there's no way to get it it's locked away at newark airport and then he laughs at me and says it's your own fault - if you hadn't messed with it you'd have the package already! I ask to speak with his supervisor - he tells me he is the supervisor.

So basically I paid $5 to have my shipment delayed when what U was trying to do was make doubly sure that I would get my shipment on time as I can not be here tomorrow to receive it. This is completely ridiculous and unacceptable!

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