We are having a table delivered from Canada. My wife and I both work.

I tried to log on to the UPS website, it would not process the information. I called international customer service. The tracking recognition software, failed to understand the tracking number three times. When I was finally connected to a human being, she insisted that an attempt would be made to redliver the package the following day, even though I explained nobody woudl be home.

When I asked that the package be delivered on a specific day when we would be home the best she could say is that it would be sometime between 9am and 7pm and refused to be more specific. When I called a second time to confirm that it had indeed to be scheduled for the agreed too specific day, the customer service rep could find no reference, and was told it would probably wind up at a distribution center 50 miles from where I live - and that there was no number to contact them at either.

When I asked to speak to a supervisor none was available. In my opinion UPS is one of the most *** organizations I have ever dealt with

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