My package is stuck in Roanoke since Oct 29 with the excuse adverse weather conditions. This package made it through WV during Sandy but even though Roanoke has had no adverse weather due to Sandy the package sits using weather as an excuse.

I saw 2 UPS trucks making deliveries yesterday in my neighborhood.

In my opinion UPS is using an invalid reason for delaying my package for at this point2 days and best case will arrive 3 days late. How can it survive the severe weather getting though WV from Charleston to Roanoke but not make a 25 mile delivery to my home in an area with no adverse weather?

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No ***! UPS full of bs, I was supposed to get my package on October monday 29!!!!

And still, it's been a week and I havent gotten mothing yet. The last update was on the same 29th, but supposedly the package had to go back to edison due to "severe weather". Like the ***? I live i.

Roselle and o.

Friday I saw a UPS car delivering right mext to my building. Im boutta call these mohfuckers


Same here. My package had been stuck in Columbus OH since 10/31.

No update on the tracking since 11/1.

This item was also shipped "two day shipping". Pathetic and pissed!

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