Woking, England
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UPS apparently attempted to deliver my package but was unable to do so because they indicated that it was the incorrect address. I called them and told them that it was the correct address so they indicated that they would try again.

They then indicated that they were unable to deliver the package because it was the incorrect apartment number. We live in a house and there is no apartment number. Really UPS you can't find an address?

Your job is to deliver packages and you can't find an address? Your job is to deliver packages so maybe you should try Google Maps, my address is on Google maps.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I am dealing with this same issue. I tried calling but could not get anyone who spoke fluent English. Why is it that Fed Ex can find my house, DHL can find my house but not UPS?


I'm having the same issue. They said my street address is incorrect so I confirm it with them, they tell me a driver will be there by 8pm if that's ok and not too late.

I wait another two hours and nobody shows. I get another email saying my address is incorrect.

I call again, no record of them delivering tonight and theres a problem with my address. Today I can sit and wait all day again I guess.


Have the same problem with UPS. I try to always get items delivered through USPS or FedEx, never have this problem with them.

Only UPS has this problem. And on the UPS site I have it set up where they're supposed to deliver the item to a local UPS Store and notify me to pick up...

but they didn't do this. So having that set up in "UPS MyChoice" did absolutely nothing.


They deliberately do it. I am convinced. I have a very bitter experience.


Same to me,the delivery guy lazy to find my address with a lot of technology today .they take a lot of my money and time