In this day and age, what significance does signature required carry? I ordered from a vendor who states UPS delivery, signature required.

That's never been a problem before, the UPS driver just leaves a note if no ones around or calls me. I missed 3 attempts to delivery, never notified by UPS. Signature required is definitely not proof of delivery. Don't people have jobs?

Who is going to stay home 24 hours a day, everyday, just to accept a package. As customer service was no help, I was forced to call UPS and have them return a package to sender and lose $280 because no one could be present to sign for it and the hours of the UPS distribution center are basically 8-5 M-F.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $280.

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Usually ups will leave a tag telling you to come pick the package up or as an alternative, sign the spot on the tag and leave it for the driver the next day as an authorization to leave the package if you won't be there.


You dumb *** mother ***!

First of, signature was required due to the high value of the item and that was requested by the company where you ordered this from! Secondly, if you know you're working the whole week, and this we can't really understand, UPS doesn't force you to skip a work day.

So if you're ordering online or whatever, why don't you just have it delivered to your work address so you can get it? That so ***' simple.

For us anyways. unlike you, we tend to use our brain for something worthwhile!

Orlando, Florida, United States #850899

What hours do people expect UPS to deliver a package? This is a constant complaint but unless you want a package delivered at 10PM UPS works within normal business hours.

Now I realize you work in normal business hours too but if you want to blame anyone blame the shipper who put signature required. Truly though I wouldn't blame them either because they simply want to make sure the package gets to you and they don't get ripped off. Try having packages delivered to your work, a neighbor who you know will be home, work out some other option. Because this is certainly not UPS fault.

They were told do not deliver unless someone signs for it, so that is the rules they have to work in. (By the way, in looking for solutions I would not suggest getting a PO Box as UPS will not deliver to PO Boxes)

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