Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to ask if anybody is responsible for my parcel which I can't receive since 17th of July. My UPS InfoNotice Number is 9821 3432 538 4. I was waiting parcel from USA IVitamin Shop.

17.07-The courier leave the UPS Notice, because I was not at home. On this paper was information that I have to pay 30.07 GBP. That's fine, but WHY nobody didn't call me and inform me that I have to pay extra. Anyway..

18.07-I called to customer call centre and paid this amount by credit card. The person said it's fine now my parcel will be delivery in Saturday.

19.07-I didn't receive anything on this day, I called to call centre, the person said that UPS doesn't do delivery on Weekends and they promised to delivery on Monday. Also I asked the person to add information if I will not be at home, the courier can leave to neighbours. The person said that's fine, they can do it, because I was paid already by card for 30.07 GBP.

21.07-Nobody didn't come.

22.07-The courier came to my home, my husband was at home, I was at work. The courier said that he can't give the parcel because we have to pay 30.07. My husband knew that I paid everything already, he called me and I started to call to customer call centre.

And I was surprised that nobody can't see my payment. On this day I found out that UK UPS has 2 call centre and people can see different information. After 15 minutes talking (I have to pay to call to UK UPS) the person decided to transfer my call to billing department and only after this they found my payment. They start to tell me sorry that it was a mistake of the system that's why the courier couldn't see the payment. They made me sure that I will receive a parcel on 23.07 and that they can see note that I asked to leave my parcel to neighbour. Also I had a call in the evening from UPS and they promised to delivery my parcel on 23.07

23.07- In the evening after work I found out again UPSInfo Notice that courier came and he couldn't leave parcel again. I called again to customer service call centre and one lady said to me that she cant's see in her system that I asked to leave to neighbour. I asked her to contact me with supervisor I was waiting 13 minutes and the line was broken ( I had to pay £44.2).

I called again and the other lady said to me that she can see in her system that I asked to leave my parcel to neighbour BUT they can't to do it, because the neighbour has to give to the courier my number of payment confirmation! WHY I had different information before? I spend 11 minutes (£37.4) TOTAL £81.6 do you think it's normal for one parcel?

After my crying I decided to change the address of delivery and given my work address for delivery on 24.07. The lady said that I have to be sure that it will be deliver on 24.07 to my work address.

24.07.- I called to UPS at 12.00, and what is surprise, the automatic system said to me the courier again came to my home address and the next delivery will be on Friday 25.07.

I again was connected with a person from call centre and she said to me that she can't to see that I did the redelivery to my work address. I asked to speak with supervisor and for fist 3 minutes she couldn't find this information as well. After 5 minutes she found out from different system that I change the address for delivery BUT the driver will see this information only tomorrow. That if I do some changes it will upgrade only in one working days and they promised to delivery on 25.07.

I have a few questions:

1)When I will receive my parcel? Today it's 8th days that I can't receive my parcel to any address?

2)Why your courier can't see information in real time?

3)Who is responsible for ALL those mistakes of UK UPS?

4)Who will refund my money back of my phone calles? Now it's amount £200, I have to wait all telephone bills, after this I would like to send you all this information, because I think it's too much for one parcel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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