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For the 2nd time in 2 years, some lowlife trailer park toothless inbred theif dressed in a ***-BROWN uniform stole a package addressed to me. @ years ago, one them stole a brand new Dell laptop I ordered for my daughter for Christmas....this time, a brand new Nokia 4g phone.

Their package-tracking info says, "left at door"...which anyone with a rudimentary spark of intelligience knows is B*U*L*L*S*H*I*T.....never mind trying to file a claim with UPS, so I just stopped payment on my credit card and placed the order in dispute.

These animals think that it's OK because it will become someone else's problem. These dirtbags in brown should be monitered every second of every day they are working.

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Does LOL mean "Loser On The Loose?" Heard your ol' lady blows the UPS delivery boy on a regular a matter of fact, he's her pimp. One day she runs up to him and says, "Baby, heah am the $92.50 fum all the trick ah turned las' night". He says, ***, baby, which one give y;all fitty cent?" Your ol' lady says, "Dey all did!" Now grab your mop, Cleotis...there's a spill in aisle 5.


they make more money than you!!! loser...check one of your redneck neighbors.

they took it.

either that or you live in the ghetto and some drug dealer took it. lol

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