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UPS has some mind to drop your package at your front door and then drive off if someone looks out the window and no ones there how can they know their packages is there then someone will come and steal it!!!!!!! I think more people in this state and other states would appreciate it if they could wait on someone to open the door and then say "have a nice day" or something. i'm sorry if i offended the UPS delivering company but i really don't appreciate how they work i hope your boss reads this


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It is called "driver release"...Post Office, Fed Ex, UPS and every other delivery company does this. It definitely would be nice to have someone wait for you to hand you a package, but lets put this into perspective.

These drivers are out on average about 10 hours a day, not including any break they decide to take. That is 10 hours of driver releasing (unless it is a business or apartment).

Add an extra one to two plus minutes for every on of those stops and I promise those drivers would be working around the clock with the work load they are given each day...It would be similar to a courtesy caller driving to each house instead of making the phone calls or cutting your whole yard with the *** eater instead of the mower..Yes it is a nice thought, but the company would not make a profit if they had that much time to waste. The company was built on customer service, these days it's all about the numbers.


That is all UPS or FedEx are required to do to a residence is leave the package unless a signature is required. A signature is always required by both when shipping to a business. You can add "signature required" to a shippment to a home or residence for an additional fee.


That is all UPS and FedEx are required to do if it is to a residence. To a business a signature is required. You can have a required signature added for an additional fee if shipping to a home or residence.

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