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after the death of my mother i decided to move back to newfoundland.i sold most of my pocessions only keeping 18 boxes in total.phoning several companies i decided u.p.s would be best to ship my items.

13 of the boxes contained mostly important papers,pictures,some kitchen items,etc. the other 5 boxes contained my collection of blue mountain pottery,some antinque dishes,and my mothers ashes.all were wrapped in newspaper,then bubble wrap,then towels for extra protection.

i took my boxes to the u.p.s in oshawa and while my boxes were being weighted i filled out my info and were the boxes were going. i was then told to sign just that i had packed the boxes myself,which i did because i did not think it was a big deal.i was then asked if i would like insurance which i did and wrote down how much.i was told that was all and payed the man and was told the boxes could be picked up anytime on the 24th of feb.

I went to pick up the boxes on the 24th and was told to pay 90$ because the boxes arrived the day before and i had to pay for storage. after some arguing i payed and took my boxes.once i got home and opened the boxes i was horrified to find that 75% of my collection was destroyed.i called the store in oshawa and was told they were not responible because i packed the boxes myself.i asked about the insurance i had payed for, and was told it was void because i packed the boxes myself.why would i pay extra for insurance that was no good. why couldnt someone tell me all this before the boxes were shipped,i would have gladly let them pack them.

after a week of talking to many people at u.p.s someone called me and told me that u.p.s ships a million boxes everyday and this happens to a thousand.so i was just one of the unlucky thousand and to live with it. he also said that they were not going to help in anyway and that i must have packed the boxes wrong.how could they decide that without coming to see how i packed them.all together it cost me $550.00 TO SHIP WITH U.P.S and all i have is boxes of worthless pottery peices.

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ups has a rule; if they can't drop a box from 5 feet without contents of the box breaking, then they consider the box improperly packaged and will not pay an insurance claim.


i spoke to someone who works for u.p.s and was told reguardless of who packed my boxes they are supposed to send someone out to inspect the boxes as soon as a complaint is filed.this is how they determine who is at fault.they still have not done this and it has been 4 weeks.this is a little ridiculus i think.


this was my first and only time shipping anything,so i did what i thought was the best way to protect everything.i spoke to alot of people before i shipped and no one informed me i was doing anything wrong.plus,if it was just about how i packed everything *** is it that stuff in other boxes that i did not mark breakable did not break.there was one box with heavy metal kitchen items in it and a little statue that i didnt even wrap and it was just fine .please explain that


Using towels as packaging fill is a bad idea. Granted, they should have gone into detail about packaging guidelines and insurance with regards to damage.

But yeah, wrapping things in towels will get your claim denied every time by any shipping company, regardless if they're bubble wrapped first or not.

Bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, double boxing, zero empty space. This is how to ensure fragile items do not break.


everything was bubble wrapped,towels were used as extra protection.i wanted to make sure everything was safe. u.p.s knew what i was shipping if there was a problem they should have told me.they also should have warned me about the rules for packing things yourself,i would have made sure they packed it if i had known.plus why charge me for something they knew i could not use.


rick your comment said wrapped in newspaper and towels but they were bubble wrapped as well ,the towels were for extra padding to make sure they did not break.i did everything i could think of to protect my stuff.my main problem is a) no one bothered to inform me of u.p.s policy for packing it yourself or i would have made them pack it,and b)i payed an extra $75.00 for what i thought was insurance that was no good which the guy knew when he sold it to me. :?


wrapping china in towels and paper is NOT a safe way to pack things for shipping and will get an insurance claimed denied through any carrier. this isnt a moving company. its an industrial shipping process.


i do not think that the fact you pack your boxes yourself should give u.p.s the right to play soccer with your stuff. there should be something to protect people from this happening.i know how i packed my stuff and there is no way anything should have broke.these were my babies and meant everything to me.


They should have explained how shipping insurance works at the store, you are correct about that. You're not buying insurance really, you're buying declared value coverage, which means coverage against damage is contingent upon proper packaging, which you didn't have. It's the same reason your car has to be street legal in order for an insurance claim to be paid.

And FYI, it's illegal to ship human remains, so you may want to keep that to yourself lol.


i also have proof that the damage was done on purpose.only the boxes marked breakable were damaged.they even broke a plastic vase from my mothers funeral. :cry