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Lawrence R.: Hi, this is Lawrence R.. I'll be happy to assist you.

Customer: Lawrence, I want my package to be left without a signature. What do I do to make this happen?

Customer: Hello?

Customer: Anybody there?

Lawrence R.: Just a moment while I review your tracking information.

Customer: OK

Lawrence R.: Thanks for your patience. In order for UPS to release a shipment without obtaining a signature, the delivery address must be either a single-family dwelling or multiple family dwelling with a private entrance. UPS will not release packages that are shipped to commercial addresses or apartment/condominium complexes. In addition, our drivers cannot release certain high-risk shipments or packages requiring an adult signature at delivery.

Customer: This is not a high-risk shipment, and it doesn't require an adult signature

Customer: I am on vacation, what can I do

Customer: I've had REPEATED problems with UPS in the past, and I want to set things right going forward

Lawrence R.: The decision on whether or not to release a shipment is ultimately up to the driver's best discretion. The goal is to deliver shipments in a safe area, away from public view, and protected from the weather.

Customer: I've asked my neighbor to pick up my packages, but (1) they are not sitting at home at 11 AM waiting to sign for my packages, and (2) they don't have access to my buzzer so they won't know when you come by

Customer: You are not helping me.

Customer: The driver's decision is not more important than my decision.

Customer: I want you to deliver this package without a signature. I want you to leave it where you leave all the other UPS packages I receive.

Customer: How hard can that be?

Lawrence R.: I'm sorry for the delivery issue. I can arrange for this package to be held for pickup If you like.

Customer: What must I do to have that happen?

Customer: I'm waiting for your answer to my questions.

Lawrence R.: I will just need your last name and a contact telephone number to process your request.

Customer: My last name is XXX, and my contact number is XXX-XXX-XXXX

Customer: What request are you processing?

Lawrence R.: Thanks for providing me your details. Allow me just a moment to process this at your request.

Lawrence R.: I'm processing the request to have the package held at your local UPS Center for pickup. Is that what you want?

Customer: No, what I want is for the driver to leave the package without a signature so that my neighbor can pick it up, hold it for me, and give it to me when I return home on Sunday.

Customer: Do you understand?

Lawrence R.: I understand your request. Unfortunately I can't confirm the driver will release the package I'm sorry. Our UPS My Choice service gives you a new level of flexibility and control over home deliveries by UPS. Aside from being able to receive free delivery alerts from UPS through either email, text message, or phone call, you can now make changes to your deliveries such as:
- Re-scheduling your delivery
- Re-routing your delivery to another address
- Holding your package on hold for pickup at a UPS Store or Customer Center
- Electronically sign for your delivery

Customer: If I electronically sign for my delivery, does that mean the driver will leave the package?

Customer: Lawrence?

Lawrence R.: The driver would be instructed to release the package at the address.

Customer: How do I electronically sign for the package, Lawrence?

Customer: Why didn't you suggest this option?

Customer: Lawrence?

Lawrence R.: I'm sorry i did not suggest this service in the beginning.

Customer: I would like to electronically sign for this package; can you do this for me please?

Lawrence R.: You'll have to register for the My Choice service online to submit this request I'm sorry. You may use this link at

Customer: I already registered for the service, but I don't know how to sign for this specific package. Can you please walk me through the process.

Lawrence R.: It takes approximately 5 minutes after registering for your My Choice Service to become fully active.

Customer: I already registered for the service, but I don't know how to sign for this specific package. Can you please walk me through the process.

Lawrence R.: I do not show a My Choice account is associated with this shipment I'm sorry. When did you register?

Customer: I'm on the page now, how do I prove it to you?

Lawrence R.: You may have created a log on on the UPS web site but not registered for the My Choice. That's separate.

Lawrence R.: I can connect you to our Technical Support department to address this issue. Do you have any other questions before I connect you?

Customer: I want to know how I can get my package. This issue has not yet been resolved. If you think the person you are going to hand me off to can resolve it, then go for it. If you send me to someone that says they can't help me, I'm going to be irate and will be forwarding this chat and all the details to everyone I can think of. I want you to take me seriously, and I simply want my package.

Customer: It looks like I'm on the UPS My Choice site now

File attachment upload has started.

The file ups01.jpg (160.97KB) was received.

Customer: I've sent you a copy of my screen showing you I'm on that site

Customer: I want to know what I have to do to electronically sign for this package

Customer: Lawrence?

Lawrence R.: I'm still not showing that a My Choice account is associated with this package. The information could not be updated yet I apologize. If the system is giving you the delivery instruction option the information will be forwarded to the local center to notify the driver to release the package.

Customer: Lawrence, have you looked at the file I sent you?

Lawrence R.: I was referring to the file that you sent me.

Customer: Here is another graphic of the My Choice page

File attachment upload has started.

The file ups02.jpg (118.7KB) was received.

Lawrence R.: Would you like me to transfer you to our technical support department to give additional assistance.

Customer: Hang on, I need to print out this conversation so I can send it first.

Customer: OK, Lawrence, please transfer me to a supervisor that will solve this issue. I have been online with you for far too long, and you still have not resolved this problem to my satisfaction. I will follow up later to register a complaint against you, but the very first thing I must have is confirmation that this package will be delivered without a signature, something you have been unable to provide me.

Lawrence R.: May I please have your name and the best phone number to reach you?

Customer: My name is XXX and my phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX, both are in my profile.

Lawrence R.: Thanks for providing me with your contact information. I’ll make sure you receive a call as soon as possible by the next available supervisor if you would like to speak with one.

Customer: How long will that be?

Lawrence R.: The calls are taken in the order that there received.

Customer: 7 weeks? 7 days? 7 hours? 7 minutes?

Customer: I want you to give me an idea of how responsive your company will be to my question

Lawrence R.: You'll receive the callback today as soon as possible.

Customer: That is not a very good answer, Lawrence.

Lawrence R.: I can not give you a definite time the supervisor will call you. Be assured you will receive a call today from the next available supervisor.

Customer: I'm sorry, but I cannot "be assured" of anything from ups given the very low quality of service I've received just now. I simply want my package to be left at my door with all the other packages so that my neighbor can pick it up and hold it for me. I don't understand for the life of me why this is so difficult or what is preventing you from understanding my simple request.

Customer: I can't believe that David Abney and Myron Gray will have the same difficulty understanding the problem I'm currently having.

Lawrence R.: I'm very sorry for the confusion. I completely understand your request, but am unable to guarantee that the driver will in fact leave your package tomorrow. However my supervisor will call you back per your request to further discuss this matter.

Customer: Will your supervisor be able to guarantee that the driver will in fact leave my package tomorrow? What needs to be done to make sure that happens? Does David or Myron really need to call the driver?

Lawrence R.: Regrettably the also will not be able to guarantee that the driver will leave your package tomorrow. Unfortunately we do not have direct contact with the driver. When you input your request via My Choice it relays your request to the driver, however they have the ultimate discretion.

Lawrence R.: Is there anything else I can look into for you?

Customer: You know what, I'm so disgusted with UPS I never, ever will order anything that is delivered by you in the future. I will contact the sender of this package, and I will tell them that when you return it to them that (1) they should not pay you, and (2) they must send by a different carrier. In fact, I'm going to send this chat to your competitors so they know what they are dealing with. I have received packages from other companies WITHOUT ISSUE. I never, in my life, have had to deal with such ridiculousness.

Customer: The problem I have with you, is that you are unable to confirm that My Choice is working. I fully expect you to be able to do at least that.

Lawrence R.: Through the screen shots you provided it indicates that your package is linked to your My Choice profile. Unfortunately it just has not updated for me yet.

Lawrence R.: Your comments are very important to us. This kind of feedback helps us to continually improve our services. Would you still like a call back from my supervisor?

Customer: Can you check again now. How long does it normally take to update on your end?

Customer: I want to know if your supervisor will be able to solve my issue or not. If not, then having that person call me will make things much worse for you and that person.

Lawrence R.: I just checked it however since it is showing this package in your calendar then the package is linked to your profile.

Lawrence R.: Unfortunatley my supervisor will not be able to guarantee that your pakcage will be left tomorrow. Would you still like them to call you?

Customer: So, how do I know if I've set things up for the package will be left tomorrow? This is my simple question!

Customer: Yes, I want to be called. I think more people should be identified in my complaint letter.

Lawrence R.: Since you have selected the release option the driver will take that into consideration when making your delivery tomorrow.

Lawrence R.: I will have my supervisor call you as soon as possible. Do you have any additional questions for me?

Customer: What about this vacation settings thing in My Choice?

Lawrence R.: Did set up any vacation settings?

Customer: No, did you suggest that I should?

Lawrence R.: Vacation settings come into play when you want to make a specific change to all packages coming to your address for a period of time.

Customer: I imagine that

Customer: will it help here?

Lawrence R.: No it will not have any effect on your package being left.

Lawrence R.: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Customer: So what you're saying is that if I configure vacation settings now, that will not help me get the packaged delivered when I return?

Lawrence R.: Yes that is correct.

Customer: Unbelievable.

Customer: So the only thing I can do is contact the sender of the package

Lawrence R.: Why would you contact the sender?

Customer: Even though you and I have been on chat for over an hour, there's nothing that you can do to help me get my package. I'll contact the sender to tell them that UPS will not listen to me and deliver the package the way I have requested, and that it should be returned to them, and then sent to me by another carrier.

Customer: I know they will listen to me.

Lawrence R.: I understand your frustration. Do you have any additional questions before we conclude the chat?

Customer: LOL you really are not interested in helping me, this is clear.

Customer: Good-bye Lawrence, and good-bye UPS. You're management will be hearing from me.

Lawrence R.: I have provided you with all available options at my disposal. I'm sorry that I was unable to further assist you. Thank you for contacting us.

Customer: You have not helped me one bit.

Lawrence R.: I'm sorry you have experienced problems with this shipment. I sincerely hope that the drier chooses to leave your package tomorrow.

Lawrence R.: Do you have any additional concerns, or may I conclude the chat?

Customer: Hang on, I'm copying portions of this chat and emailing it to the sender of the package explaining why I will cancel my credit card payment to them and telling them they will have to ship the product a different way.

Lawrence R.: Have you had enough time to copy the chat?

Customer: Yes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

UPS Cons: Bad service.

  • UPS delivery failure
  • Never use UPS
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to be perfectly honest, while i understand your frustration, I think your language was very demeaning. It is not hard to imagine that this one CSR in a completely different part of the country than the hub could only do a few things to make sure your package got delivered in the way you wanted.

I worked in shipping and ill tell you that the lines of communication are at best flawed. The best option in situations like these is to hold for pickup.