Warren, Maine

Last night the UPS driver backed into my barn and damaged the building. The main damage is to a sign bracket attached to the front wall.

He drove away without sayiing anything. What, did he think I wouldn't notice damage to the front of my barn? I want to complain to UPS and have them pay for the damage. But their voice mail maze is so dense that so far I haven't been able to reach a human being.

It's just some computer saying "what would you like me to do?" over and over. I wish I could strangle that *** computer voice.

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You had to much to drink and hit it yourself people always try to scam ups with this story all the time!!!!


Try to contact the driver through customer service. Usually pressing and mashing the keys will cause an error and transfer to an agent.

If that doesnt work, Just call the police and report a hit and run tell them you SAW the driver back into your barn but by the time you got out side he was already down the road.


Find out what Customer Service Center dispatches trucks to your house and call them. You probably won't get anything better than and don't care attitude.

You can also file a claim in small claims court for the damages. You would get a court date and UPS would have to send someone to answer the charge.

If they don't show the claim would be found in your favor and UPS would have a "Judgement" against them. The court would order them to pay.