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I worked for UPS during the Holiday season. For starters they told me I would make $10.00 hr.

When my check came is was $9.00 hr. First lie!!!!! Second lie was they were going to need me in the distributiin center and would keep me on as an employee. I passed up a job that would have kept me full time permanently cause of these liars!!!!!

Third lie was that they would work me two weeks into January 2015. I was counting on that income & got a call December 29th 2014 to turn in my uniform that they didnt need me anymore. LIARS!!!!!!! They just used me & screwed up a job for me because of their *** lies!!!!!!

Dont ever go to work for them. Also only part time positions with no benefits. They should be ashamed of their actions but I'm sure they dont really give a *** about me & my bills or your packages!!!! We worked out of a u-haul truck and I saw how the packages were handled.

The driver didnt care but I did. He kept saying"if I'm not done on time I will be in trouble. Time & speed is more important than the packages or being safe." I was floored by that statement. Also, I know of five deliveries that werent made because he didnt want to go up their driveways even when I told him I would walk the packages up.

He said "nah...screw em".

Pretty messed up huh? I have nothing good to say about UPS!

Reason of review: Because they lied more than once.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #922962

You my dear or Sir is really a nut case.Everyone know's that you where hired for the Holidays only,That is everyone but you.Number one they alway's start off with $9.00 up.This does not mean you will get anymore than $9.00.Second when you are temp.You have to work where you are needed the most.Third Ups alway's hire Part-Time most of the time very few stay on full time.Fourth stop trying to cause problem's for the delivery person,You could have walked the package's up the drive if you had wanted to after all you where the hired helper and This was your job in case you did not know.Stop feeling sorry for yourself and Move on.WTF.

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