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Ordered an item on eBay which shipped UPS. Followed the tracking information and at 8:00 pm UPS shows it was delivered at 7:28 pm "FD Post". I was anxiously waiting for the item with my front door open and light on but, UPS didn't even drive down my street. I am unable to call UPS since though they make delivers into the evening, it's apparently too difficult to provide customer service after 5:00 pm eastern time. I email UPS along with the shipper. The shipper states he can get more information from UPS and it showed that UPS attempted to deliver the item (to the wrong address?) and it was rejected and they'll attempt to redeliver it on Monday. I receive an email from UPS and they tell me it was delivered and to check with my neighbors (my neighbors were outside that evening and told UPS this in my email). They also tell me:

"Your shipment was released at the following location: FD POST"

But would the *** include what FD Post means?


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Happened to me twice when I ordered very important material and shipped by UPS. Online tracking says "will be delivered by the end of the day", but after I wait through the mid night no ups guy showed up, when I called the next morning they said it's the system does that no one can change the online tracking status, sound very unprofessional for such as international leading freight company. If could tell my shipper, I would rather my material ship by FedEx instead, faster, cheaper and has accurate shipping information.