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I waited all day today for a laptop delivery that required a signature because their tracking info at UPS.com showed delivery by end of day today.

As I waited all day for the delivery, I kept checking the tracking status and it stated the same info, which was delivery by end of day Monday, today.

After 8pm, I realized I am not going to receive my laptop today.

When I called UPS to inquire about the non-delivery, tracking info at UPS.com showed the same info that delivery is end of day Monday, today, as of 11:19 pm eastern time.

When I explained the non-delivery to the CS rep, she told me that on her screen it showed Tuesday end of day as the delivery day. I told her that I am looking at my screen that stated end of day Monday, today.

She went on to say that when the shipper printed the label, they did not ship it until later and that's why it won't be delivered until Tuesday. I told her I didn't know about that, but what I did know was that throughout today when I tracked the package it was showing Monday and that if it showed Tuesday on her screen, then it got updated sometime after 11:19 pm eastern time, or 8:19 pm Pacific time, my time, which was after I waited all day because their tracking info said so, at least up until 11:19 pm eastern time. Well, the line went silent all of a sudden and after a minute of me waiting I hung up and called right back and got a different CS rep.

I told the second CS rep what happened and she said she was sorry that I waited all day but could not offer an explanation, so I asked to speak with a supervisor. I told the super that I was very upset and that they needed to look into their tracking system to see what can be done/fixed so that people don't end up wasting entire days waiting for deliveries due to erroneous or much delayed tracking information on their website.

He said he was sorry and that he would let the technical department people know about this issue.

I hope he does and that something will be done, or maybe not because UPS does not take complaints and feedback seriously because they are already a major player in the industry and could care less what their customers think or feel.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #745279

It sounds like a mistake was made on generating the label after the days pickup. A label can be printed on a Tuesday, and not picked up until Wed.

Shouldn't happen but does all the time. This is not a UPS mistake. The label gets scanned thru the system at different times and places, and not until a certain point does the delivery date get corrected.

Your package could have been on a plane for 4 of more hours. The time probably got corrected first possible scan after realizing the original mistake.

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