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First, I filled out package information in great detail on-line on many forms and ordered a pickup for about 10 packages. The driver showed up without any of the information so on a freezing day he and I filled out all the forms again on my porch.Then they billed me.

I sent a check the same day. They billed again 30 days later with a late charge. I spent more than an hour on the phone to get them to review and "find the payment". They finally did and said they would credit BUT they never did.

They sent it for collections. Then they said it was their mistake. They sent it again for collections.UPS was once a great company with efficiency.

I had done this all before (about 15 years ago) and it worked perfectly. NOW - they are TOTALLY INCOMPETENT and RUDE and RUTHLESS.The value shown is estimated for my WASTED TIME due to their incompetence (SO FAR).

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Richardson, Texas, United States #630959

After filling out the labels online, why didn't you print them out and attach them to the boxes when the driver came ?

You also pay at the time that you fill out the forms online, and all would have been good to go.

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