Little Rock, Arkansas

I had a box shipped from Pa. to my house thru UPS.

It had several Christmas presents in there for my kids. The box was opened & ALL presents were taken out & box was taped back up. They left the clothes & took the presents. The package was sent at the post office & was seen going straight to the UPS man, as he happened to be there at that time.

So NO ONE else had access to it but UPS workers.

Called UPS & they said this rarely happens so I probably "wouldnt" be compensated. Somebody is going to have a great Christmas with presents that cost a lot of money!

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It goes from UPS -> USPS not the other way around.

UPS works with the post office to deliver their items(post office makes the final delivery) but doesn't pick up items from the post office.


The post office and UPS do work together. I have received several packages that travel by UPS and after reaching a local UPS hub are "transferred to the local post office." So, the problem may be with the post office.


you are confused, the post office doesn't ship UPS. they are two different companies.


Yeah right !

The Post Office does not give their stuff to UPS to ship for them !