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"You sent me a bill/invoice #0000YE2485440, Control ID 37S9, for $36.72. I have not contracted or asked for your service in at least a year. The V.A. contracted with NOVASAM INC...Glen Burnie MD 21061 to send me a small computer to check my breathing. Once done "NOVASAM" called UPS and had them pick the device up and instructed me to leave it on my front porch. Your driver picked it up, there was no return sticker provided.

5 Nov 2010 I recieved a bill for a service I did not ask for. I called your customer service and explained the above. The woman I spoke to went to talk to her supervisor, the result was I was supposed to contact NOVASAM and get them to take care of the bill. I explained that I do not have the slightest clue how to get ahold of NOVASAM. Then I asked why I should do your job for you. I did not tell UPS to pick the item up. Nor did I tell them to ship it any where. So I can not be held responsible for a problem created by UPS with NOVASAM's help.

The woman said, "those are the rules."

To which I responded I am not doing your job for you. I eventually asked to talk to her supervior and she stated that she had just spoken to her supervisor. I asked again to speak with her supervisor , she said "Goodbye Mister McCoy," and hung up on me.

I would like as many people as possible to know how I was treated, and hopefully for all of them to e-mail UPS and ask ... why??? Thank you...

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Call V.A. 1-800-827-1000, and tell them you're being improperly billed because they failed to properly issue a call tag. Problem solved.

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