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I always wondered why packages arrived with crushed edges and torn wrappers, and now I know. I was sitting at my desk looking out my window as the UPS truck pulled in front of my house.

I was waiting for a new laptop. The driver disappeared to the back of the truck, and suddenly I saw packages flying through the air, bouncing off the driver's seat and the front dashboard. I thought, oh God, could one of those be my laptop. Finally, the driver emerged from the truck bringing two packages up the drive.

One was my laptop. I explained to him my distress at seeing the packages being thrown around inside the truck. He said he did not throw the laptop. I had no way of knowing for sure.

But, now I know this!!! You don't want to see a restaurant prepare your dinner, and you don't want to see how UPS handles your package.

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This is one of the reasons I hate UPS – union labor. I used to work for a union company and hated it.

The entire union culture turns a lot of good workers into bums. Union workers can do just about anything they want and get away with it, including what you witnessed. You would never see that happen with a FedEx driver because they're not union and they can be fired on the spot. Getting rid of a UPS driver is a lot more difficult.

If you were to call UPS and complain about it nothing would happen.

However, here's something to consider: next time be ready with a camcorder and post it on YouTube with the details of where it happened, driver's name, etc.

Then you might see something happen. The driver won't get fired, but he may get transferred to some inside warehouse job where he can get away with throwing packages around out of public view.

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