On Friday morning, June 14, 2013, I encountered a UPS truck and delivery driver on a rural route near a relatives I was visiting (location withheld for safety purposes).

The driver had parked the truck a lane at a 4-corner stop sign intersection, causing a dangerous situation, as well as him walking down the middle of the road with the package, against traffic laws.

When he returned to the truck I said to him, in a non-threatening manner (verbatim) "Not trying to ruin your day, but you need to be more aware of how your park, because this is making a dangerous situation."

The driver responded with "Go *** yourself. Have a nice day", again, verbatim.

I followed - I did not chase - the truck and driver because when he pulled out (he was in front of me) he peeled out so rocks and debris would shell my car. When he stopped, I pulled ahead, all the way off the road, put on my blinkers, and got out. I videotaped the driver, truck and license plates. He yelled and said, "*** you" once again.

When I returned to the relatives home I phoned UPS to report the driver. I was greeted with an unfriendly woman named "Melonie" who did nothing but accuse me. The UPS "Security" phoned me back and not knowing who is on the other end, I refused to answer questions.

I sent the video to several news and Better Business Bureau type offices. After several weeks, while back home 3000 miles away, I received a voice mail message from what I assume is a local law enforcement type wanting to discuss the "incident". From 3000 miles and 4 time zones away, connections are not easily made.

Fast forward. While back visiting the same relatives, I ordered a pair of pants from Macy's. They were to be delivered via UPS. When I tracked the package online, I saw a small statement on the tracking page saying:

"Pkg delay - add'l security check by g'vmnt or other agency - beyond UPS control" as the cause it had not been delivered.

I called UPS immediately and was taken to a customer service agent in Central America. He said he called the local center and told me my package was part of an entire "container that was on security hold". LIE.

I asked when this occured, and what agency was overseeing the extra security. He said he did not know. He said he would have the local center call me.

They called. It was the same woman, "Melonie" from two months prior. She was rude, and refused to give any answer other than "UPS Security will deliver you package this afternoon".

When the delivery man showed up, he was not in a UPS vehicle - he was in a Red Suburban. He did not present ID, nor did he present himself as a UPS employee.

The package was not a "sign for delivery" package yet he forced me to sign. After signing, he asked "I have to [ax] what is the story here" and still refused to turn over the package.

I told him I would answer no questions to him, and that if anything I was owed an explanation. At this point, he held the package under his arm and tried to intimidate me (he being approx. 6'5" and at least 280-290lbs).

I asked him, "do you have the legal right to refuse to hand over my package after I sign for it?" His response, on video and verbatim was "No". Yet, after asking then again to hand me my package he refused.

I said at this point, you need to give me my package and leave the property. He did not move nor give me my package.

O asked him, in assertive yet polite fashion, 12 times to give me my package and leave the property. He did neither. He refused.

I was videotaping all of this with an iPhone. My relative came out when I started to get louder and tell him GET OFF MY PROPERTY NOW. He refused for another several minutes and still would not turn over the package.

He then threatened to call the police on me for yelling at him.

My other relative came out and told him to leave the property immediately to which he refused. Finally, he turned around, and walked to his non-UPS vehicle, got in and sat in the parking lot/driveway (still our property) for another two minutes, using his phone/camera to video me on my property.

He told me too that he would refuse to deliver anything to this address, even though no one at this address has done anything illegal or wrong.

UPS not only tried to intimidate and threaten me and my relatives, they have blacklisted this address (which I do not even live at) for future deliveries.

I have a full videotape of the entire incident.

I will make it public after it is vetted by my attorney.

I am planning a legal action criminally against the alleged delivery man/driver, as well as a civil lawsuit against UPS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

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Maybe keeping your mouth shut would have been the best course of action. Your original issue was related to his parking and safety and yet you believe pursuing and stopping the driver on the roadway was the wise choice. Seems to me perhaps you brought the situation upon yourself by asserting authority you do not have.

You stated the driver was parked at an intersection in a rural area on a Friday morning. Drivers go on the road at 9 so this was a slow time of day in an admittedly rural area. Obviously the driver was stopped at a stop sign at this intersection so approaching cars would already be in the process of slowing down well before the drivers vehicle. Is it possible him walking down the center of the road was him exiting or entering the vehicle?

You stated he "shelled" your vehicle with rocks and other debris. Did this not cause some dings and dents to your vehicle? Obviously any normal person who was just "shelled" as you state would have called the police and not the offenders company to complain. By you not doing this I assume the "shelling" is not as severe as you describe it.

When you called the company to complain of this you surely did not refuse to answer all questions as they somehow obtained your name and address to mark you in the system.

You proceeded to make the unwise choice of obtaining the services of a company you had already had problems with, would you go to a barber or salon after you had problems with the owner and expect a perfect cut?

Sure they put you on a security hold. You had already acted bizarrely in your interactions with the driver. Pursuing him, videotaping, etc. Its well within their rights and making you wait so long was probably a little retribution for the way you acted towards the driver. I am assuming they sent someone they though could handle himself if an unruly customer decided to cross the line. No law states the driver must be in uniform or in a company vehicle. Maybe he gave you a little grief over handing it over but you honestly deserved it.

The driver probably drives the same route day in and out, and more than likely has stopped at said intersection multiple times yet you visiting from 3k miles away believes it's your place to harass him over his parking while he is trying to perform his job. What gives you the right? Unless you are law enforcement you have no right to tell anyone how to do anything on the road.

The driver surely has his version of events which differ from yours. I am almost positive your initial comments and behavior were far from what actually took place. I don't believe for a second you spoke to him politely.


In the first part of the story, UPS Trucks barely have enough power to accelerate from a stop, much less kick up rocks. I will grant you though, if it was a smaller van type vehicle that COULD happen.

In the second part, if it was an International Shipment, that could be something involving Customs.

With the delivery part of it, was the Driver in the familiar Brown uniform? Did you sign on the standard computer board that all drivers carry?

You do have, or can obtain the tracking # from the party who shipped this to you to see all the notations ?


No, the package was a Macy's package - nothing International. A pair of pants sent out from Portland.

The truck, first part of story, was on rural road, lots of dirt and rocks - had enough power to spray the car.

Driver was not in brown uniform and the signature was not on a standard UPS board.