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My husband had an extremely unpleasant encounter with a UPS driver/delivery man this evening. He tried to make small talk with this guy, only to be told "shut the *** up".

My husband was so stunned that he didn't know what to say. We don't know this man's name, only that he is bald and appears to be of Latin descent. My husband doesn't want to report this incident but I feel that UPS should be more careful about who they hire. This guy might be having a bad day, I don't know, but there is no excuse for trashy and unprofessional behavior.

He should be fired or at the very least, given a warning by his boss.

This happened in Kendall, FL and I assume he delivers in this area frequently. I would really appreciate a follow-up to this report...thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Profanity and disrespect for no reason.

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