A package was to be delivered to me on Monday Jan. 7.

The number of the address is 2400, Dock B. The driver took it to 2330-B. I talked to the people at 2330 and they told me they refused it because they didn't recognize the name, totally understandable on her part. She told the driver is goes to 2400 DOCK B.

The driver took it back to the customer service center.(I see this driver everyday, don't I Valerie?) but she decided 20 yards across the parking lot was too far for her to drive. Next day.... UPS picks an address they decide they want to deliver it to. I have no knowledge of this address or how the *** they picked it out.

I get ahold of the customer service center when I find out it's on it's way to, who the *** knows where and she tells me that she'll stop delivery of the package and get it back to me the next day.(Today) 10 hours after I talked to her, the driver tries to deliver it anyway! Why? because he "forgot" to check his messages. What does the customer service person tell me about that?

"Drivers are not held accountable for things like that" Wow... My package is on it's way to Pennsylvania as I write this.... Pathetic. I will drive a package myself if I found out I have to use them again....


Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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