In 25 years I have never received a UPS package smoothly. Many retailers do not indicate how they send packages, and I live in DREAD they will use UPS.

In this latest instance, the tracking page said I would receive it yesterday. So the day before, hoping to idiot-proof the delivery, I wrote a large notice include any and all information, granting permission to leave it in my vestibule or inside the front door. I SIGNED it. I checked throughout the day, and my last check at 6:30 my notice had been removed WITHOUT any explanation, or god forbid a phone message.

I panicked as it was a pricey purchase, not knowing if it had been stolen or sent without a word to the warehouse off in Timbuktu impossible to find even with GPS I'm well familiar with the journey. I ran back to the track page and it had no new details. A half hour produced no means of speaking with a live person. So I punted, posting ANOTHER notice last night and hoped for the best.

Today my note was still there with a tiny scrawling on it: "Couldn't leave needs signature" JUST BELOW MY SIGNATURE. Included was their standard "sorry we missed you" sticker which said only 231 Palmer St, NO CITY, NO PHONE. I found it on GPS, and went down after 9 am. I was told they did not deliver until after 1.

Who knows what that means, I'm planning on 2 or three more trips down today and tomorrow, perhaps beyond. So in addition to an "un-delivery" I have had to perform trail-and-error just to discover the invisible rules they play by.

The invisible, torture the customer rules that serve them and nobody else. Next time my understanding of the rules of this Insult to Injury GAME will likely be inscrutably altered, entailing a fresh round of trail-and-error.

User's recommendation: Order weeks in advance, delivery a crap shoot.

UPS Pros: Local store.

UPS Cons: Unrelaible tracking website, Timing wth delivery, Last time i used ups, Inconvenient and deceitful statement status.

Location: Buffalo, New York

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