I'm so frustrated with UPS that I'm finally willing to switch my remaining UPS customers to FedEx or USPS. The UPS drivers pick up unpredictably early (sometimes 4:30pm), screwing up "GUARANTEED" delivery times from online postage.

This means for local deliveries, my package can sit in the store from Friday night to Monday night. My customers see the online notification and guaranteed delivery time and start to sell the items. Then the complaints come. They want their money back for shipping, they told their clients to come back on the GUARANTEED delivery date, etc., etc.

The hubs claim that the stores are not affiliated with UPS. What the heck are the stores using the UPS logo and colors for then? It's just *** business. Imagine if Kinko's/FedEx locations pulled this ***.

We should all show Big Brown the door for a day. Either delay your shipment a day or use FedEx, UPS or TNT. What would happen if they didn't get any packages for a whole day?

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You are a whiner !!!!!!!!!

Winterset, Iowa, United States #93095

I agree with what Gary has said. You have several options when shipping with UPS. You can take it to a UPS store, take to the UPS customer counter at the local UPS facility, you can call for a onetime pick up where UPS will come to your location and pick up the package or you can do online shipping where you print the label yourself and then you can simply give the package to the first driver you see. The last one sounds like it would be the best for you.

By contract, the guys that deliver and pick up on Saturdays are air drivers and can only handle air packages. You are probably using the ground shipping option. If you leave your packages at the UPS store after the driver has picked up on Friday night, your package will set there until Monday afternoons pickup.

I would do a little research if I were you and find out what time the driver is scheduled to pick up from the UPS store you are using. They will be there at that time, usually plus or minus 10 minutes.


UPS Stores are franchises liscensed through UPS. Franchises are businesses that are usually locally owned and operated but granted rights to market or sell a companies products or services.

(McDonalds restaurants are franchises for example.) So it's not that they're not affiliated with UPS, it's just that they are not owned or staffed by UPS employees. Just thought I'd clear that up for you.

I've read your complaint a couple of times to try to understand it and I think I've gotten it. Basically, what I gather is you're upset that when you bring your packages in to ship, sometimes they don't actually leave the store until the following business day, on account of you taking them to the store after the pick up has already occurred. I'd have to suggest getting there before 4:30pm from now on.

Most business pickups are between 3:30 and 6:00pm, and the trucks are back at the hubs around 7pm, so this is not unusual.

You seem to be confusing your local UPS Store with an actual UPS shipping warehouse/hub. UPS Stores have nothing to do with the sorting of packages or dispatching of trucks.

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