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The backstory is that I ordered three things from, and they are sending it to me in two different packages, because the products are in two different locations. The packages are coming from Kentucky and Arizona to Arkansas. UPS received the Kentucky package first, on Monday, and the Arizona package Tuesday. I am receiving the Arizona package first, and am confused by this. I did a Live Chat session with UPS, and I have the entire conversation:

Initial Question: I don't understand how something from Arizona is getting to my location in Arkansas faster than something in Kentucky

Luis C.: Hi, this is Luis C.. I'll be happy to assist you.

Luis C.: I checked the status of your package in our tracking system. Our records show that your shipper selected UPS SurePost for this shipment.These shipments are turned over to your local United States Postal Service (USPS) to make the final delivery.

Ali: The Arizona package also shipped to your facilities after the KY package.

Ali: They were both surepost through you guys

Luis C.: In this case contact the shipper about that or become a ups my choice member to be able for ups to deliver.

Luis C.: With a My Choice membership, you can:

- Receive free alerts by email, text and phone for inbound shipments.

- Electronically authorize the release of packages that require a signature (not available in all areas or for all packages)

- Request delivery on a different day, or to a different location for $5 (not available for all packages due to possible shipper restrictions)

- Request delivery changes prior to the first delivery attempt

- This service will also provide and estimated time a 4 hour delivery window for your location if available in your area.

Membership is free with the option to upgrade to a premium membership, which offers additional options, such as a two hour time frame.

These services are available 5 minutes from the time you complete your registration.

To register for My Choice, use this link and follow the instructions: Through this link you will sign up for both and My Choice.

Ali: It is a problem through you guys. Both packages, to me, are through you guys, but for whatever reason you sat on one of my packages since Monday, and just barely started moving it, even though the city is just 9 hours away. That makes no sense

Luis C.: UPS My Choice membership we give you the option to upgrade the service of the package to UPS Ground, a fee of $3.50 will apply, once the upgrade has been completed you will be able to process different delivery changes. Some shippers restrict the available My Choice options; therefore I can't guarantee that the option you would like will always be available.

Luis C.: I am sorry but this is not our problem TARGET.COM , chose this sevice.

*I did edit out the part where he repeated my entire address back to me, otherwise this is our exact conversation.

Luis C. was so bent on pedaling their crappy My Choice membership service and blaming Target (who as far as I can tell through email notifications from Target, the packages were shipped to UPS in plenty of time) that nothing was answered. I'm all right with Surepost, but USPS will never be able to deliver my package if they never get it. UPS IS HOT GARBAGE. I would choose USPS any day over UPS. USPS is so much more reliable to me

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Seattle, Washington, United States #795995
This was not Luis , but an automated dialogue system - a software program - that you talked too. Nuance is promoting those systems as an alternative to call centers. And ups was *** to enough to buy such a system - thinking they can save money but actually *** people off :x

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