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My package was scheduled to be delivered today so I take the day off and wait for it. I end up waiting all day and then all of sudden around 7p the tracker states its been rescheduled for Monday!

First of all it would have nice to have gotten an email notification at the very least.

Second I call in and state i am willing to come pick it up where it is which is about a half hr away. They tell me they have a contract with Target stating they have to try to make a delievery at least once.

I state I won't be here monday to sign for it and will have to pick it up anyway...why can't i just pick it up now...after speaking to 2 supervisors their answer is there is nothing they can do, the facility is closed for the weekend..however somehow the package is still in transit so they don't know where it is and i will just have to wait until monday..miss the delivery..and come pick it up anyway. And there is also no way to arrange for a saturday delivery...most illogical useless experience i've ever had with a company...

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Same *** ***, my company moved about a block away, UPS won't deliver a package with the old address. UPS sends us a card by US mail saying they have a package at the main center.

I take the card there to pickup package and they will not give it to me. Now I'm dresses in a company uniform with a company ID on a lanyard around my neck and I have the cad on hand..... What more proff do I need that I work there ?

UPS ***.... And drivers drop *** off and never ask for ID


Jackazz... Stop *** typing because the way you type is retarded (just like your logic.) You tell someone to speak to you when they can speak English; yet in most of your posts there is *** like this "don’t".... just *** type the word out correctly as "don't" you dumb piece of ***


wow ***, im not calling you an ***, that is just the name you decided to use when posting, using caps lock doesn't make your point come across better. It actually does the opposite and makes me take everything you said with a grain of salt since it must have been written by a child.

To answer your question, if the package came from midnight - 6am, i would be a little annoyed that they woke me up. But I would perfer that muchh more. Since its nothing off my back, except for the loss of 20 minutes of sleep, instead of losing a whole day of work just being home to wait on ups. They are a customer service company, and theyre customers work 9-5 LIKE EVERY AMERICAN.

Times have changed, every household DOESN'T have a stay at home mom that can always sign for a package. They need to adapt with the times. And that is my point. Commercial Packages from 9-5, Residential packages from 6pm-6am for all i care.

but i doubt they want to work a 12 hour shift, 6 to 6.

Of course they won't have the same guys working from 9am - 6am. Your turn.


True what you stated about losing just 20 minutes versus a whole day. Wow, that package must've mean more than losing your daily wages?

But one thing that needed correction would be, "Times have changed, every household DOESN'T have a stay at home mom OR dad that can always sign for a package." Why I say that? Because now adays, there's actually more working "FEMALES" than "MALES". Females brings in all the dough, while males piles up on video games and more bills. Instead of constant job searching, they're turing into Unemployment and disability benefits?!

The world is turning.

God Bless America. :roll


Feminist ay






So jackazz really is a jackazz. That is all I got by reading this post. Why are you sticking up for a monopoly anyway? I really do think that UPS hired you on the side to be an online "consultant" to defend the UPS "image" in any way possible.

Now let me take a shot at this... you obviously live with your mother? or other family members? so that if your waiting for a package and you just so happen to run out to Mcdonalds for a Big Mac, you will have your mommy there with her signiture.

So this may work out for you. But truth is, one day will come, when your mother is going to tell you to get out of her basement, and you will join all of us UPS haters when you see how much they penalize you for living on your own.

Me and my girlfriend live together in brooklyn ny. We have lived here for 6 months, and my girlfriend is very much into internet shopping. Parking is terrible with the amount of cars on the street and the ridiculousness parking rules that change daily. So we decided to sell our car, since the subway is only a block away and that takes us wherever.

Me and her work 9-5. Which means were out at 7:30am and home by 6:30am. You have no idea the kind of dance we have to play with these *** delivery companies. Here is the situation:

1) We live in an apartment building, and even with a note at the door, they don't leave the package with the super.

2) We both work during NORMAL business hours.

3) No matter how many times I call UPS to bring the package after 6, they never do. Its simply ring, NOPE, NOTE.

4) The closest shipping location is about a 45 minutes drive WITHOUt traffic, to the middle-of-the-hood brooklyn.

So we have come home to countless notes on our door that we missed packages. So I called Customer Service.

All they could tell me is "tough luck, there is a hub where you can pick it up at 8-9pm mon-friday"

I reply, "um I do not have a car, and that hub is 45 minutes away with NO direct subway line that goes near it, it is nowhere near my apartment"

He asks "wait, isn't the shipping center in brooklyn? and isn't brooklyn on long island? And isn't your apartment IN brooklyn?"

You hear that? This guy has no idea that just because I live in brooklyn, we must all be neighbors. But around brighton beach, SOUTH brooklyn. Nowhere close.

So now, sadly, one of us HAS to take a day off of work, I mean unless we want the package returned to the shipper. Which means we lose pay, just so we can be there for the package that will arrive from 10-4. So many work hours have been lost because if UPS' incompetence.

If theres a note to leave the package with the super, LEAVE THE PACKAGE! If theres a PHONE NUMBER to call for packages being delivered, CALL IT!

If the delivery man comes time and time again at 11am, and noone answers, why don't they note that we must work like NORMAL people, and work around our schedule?? Instead of going First, Second, Third Attempt very sneakily.

So come on UPS fanboy, try to defend them now. Is it really that dumb for someone to HAVE to stay home from work in order to pick up a package? Or should i say, "Someone who doesn't live with a stay at home mom".


you don't know what the word monopoly means, do you? sad.

and the reason they don't schedule their whole day around you...yours is not the only package on their car, common sense my friend. they have a certain amount of packages that need to be delivered in a day, even some one as self centered as you should realize that.


dark shaft, if they have 10 packages in there car every day. and 8 of those people arent home during the day, then at the end of the day you will still have 8 packages.

and the next day you will have 18.

So I am not the only one complaining, obviously the OP was the one who began this post. Common sense, I am not the only one with this issue, and I am posting on behalf of those 8 packages that get left in the truck every day because they are a hard working family, trying to make money, so they can make more purchases online.



I understand how the policy must be frustrating. The bottom line is, it is the same across the board, if not worse.

Any other company that is used to ship may not be so convenient as to let you pick it up.

The point is, I don't think it would have mattered whether Fedex or post office was used. You would have had the same problems if not worse.....Check the FEDEX complaints, they are very similar



I was only able to read about half of your post, it does not make any sense and I feel sorry for you and want to help. So I want to introduce you to a new principle that you need to start using.

Its call the KISS principle, Keep It Simple ***. We get it you cannot comprehend the basic concepts we have been trying to tell you. That’s OK the world needs ditch diggers. But even ditch diggers need to communicate with people so I hope you start using KISS I think it will help you.

And you’re first test will be to rewrite your last post using English and the KISS principle.





Ok timmaaay...u have illustrated the main point about why UPS is currently s**king..their policies r d*mb..but maybe someday they may get better...and despite what you say inside UPS procedures are not common knowledge..i assumed UPS was a good shipping service but i guess i should have done my research like u said...but feel free to provide a link as to y UPS s**ks...and oh yea thanks for giving us the inside knowledge..but anyway u can toss all the UPS facts at us all u want but that doesn't mean they make sense...which is the overall point here...got it yet??..how about now??..no? so u want to place the blame on target for choosing u as a shipper and from what i get its their fault ups s*cks and have st*pid rules?...k got it i'll let them know next time i order b/c even though its my money they are the customer and should know not to use UPS..and now on to Jackazz..i bet u would like me to go away b/c until i do UPS won't take their c**k out of ur mouth..and ur walmart analogy would have worked...if u could read...but instead it adds to ur excellent credentials..i believe i stated in my last comment..once it arrived i was willing to come pick it up at the facility..and was denied..i did not demand they open up immediately like u suggested in ur awesome walmart scenario..i was willing to wait till it arrived at the hub and pick it up the next day when they were open to ship saturday packages..it has been done before which is why i suggested the idea..by the way something i also offered to even pay for directly even though i'm apparently not the customer and was told i couldn't do..please explain the reasoning..u dumb ***..here i'll even quote it in case the maze of words makes u go cross eyed "so i call back and say..hey its here..just let me pick it up tomorrow..when its open to ship other Saturday delivery packages"..not really the same scenario u painted with ur awesome walmart idea..i said...read it slowly...and abridged b/c i know its hard for u to understand..can you please allow me to pick up my package tomorrow b/c i know your closed now and let me pick up the package both you and i know is there??..tomorrow??...this should not be hard task to complete..i believe the walmart employees stocking the shelves could figure this one out..and could figure out how to hold an item for the next couple hrs untill the location opens for pick up the next day when it opens..and i see ur still out bothering people..y the *** don't u go away?..i'm not bothering anyone except UPS and refusing to put up with sh*ty service..oh yea..u have to respond b/c u got the UPS c**k in ur mouth and they wont take it out unless u respond endlessly untill i stop..sorry i took a vacation but i have a life and it jus so happens i got some free time at the present so this is y u got a response to ur awesomely r*tard*d comments..who knows if u want to respond i may or may not be around to participate in the circus but we'll see!


Please do more research. People are trying to tell that until your package is out for delivery (on the package car for the delivery driver to pull off) you cannot request will call. Before that time, UPS will not pull your package. It has to be picked up from your local hub they deliver to your house from. It does not really matter whether or not the first attempt had been made yet that day, it is the fact that the package has to be out on the package car that delivers to your house. The delivery driver will pull the package off the car for you to pick up when he arrives back at the building at the end of his day, Then you can pick it up later that evening or next day. Also, buildings can be closed to the public with no one to answer calls etc, and still have the sorts working. Also, you did not pay UPS directly to have them ship your box, Target did. Target is the customer not you. Whether any of this makes sense to you or seems fair, that is a whole other issue. These are the facts. If it makes you feel any better, I am a UPS S L U T and i get off on pleasuring UPS.

In all your confusion, Your title stated that UPS refused to let you pick up package. You are wrong! They just wouldn't let you pick it up when you wanted to. Whether it is across the country or the next city over, no one is picking up their package until it is at the local hub going out for delivery. This is common knowledge.

I wonder how many names you are going to call me?

I wonder if you are going to stray from your original argument?


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are smarter than I thought and I can’t agree with you more in fact the next time I go to Wal-Mart and it is closed and the only people in there are stocking the shelves I am going to demand they open because in your words that’s good customer services and you know there is someone there thanks for that enlighten HA -HA Moment. And you’re the one that’s not reading I am telling you that Target is the customer of UPS not you and if Target did send you a replacement they will charge you for it.

Plus you said you were going away please do it


Wal-Mart is open 24/7. So, if you hate UPS, buy junk from there, or find another shipper.

Target was the "customer" in this case because they are the ones who paid UPS for their services, and UPS has to honor their contract with them.

Now, why on earth Target made this policy, or whether or not they even did, is beyond me. But you have beef with the wrong dudes.


Haha thank you jackazz for proving my points for me once again...which is..the policies are ***..oh and magically somehow after when i was told the facility was closed..2 hrs later it somehow shipped my package..annnd arrived at point B which was apparently also closed..and scanned in by the "nobody" that was working there..u know..b/c they were closed like u said..at arround 11p which was the location i was TOLD it was going too BY supervisors..so i call back and say..hey its here..just let me pick it up tomorrow..when its open to ship other saturday delivery packages..and like your statement inferred..i got the same BS which is..wait for it (u know like u like to do)..its a policy related issue/excuse for being late and for not allowing me to pick it up in the first place..and this shiny truck is not gallivanting across the country it was going for about a half hr drive from one location to another here in MA..which i was willing to wait for..not lost somewhere in the midlands on a plane or train that would make it way harder to track..h*ll i tracked it myself using the d*mn UPS website so *** i even knew where it was..but still the excuses persisted...not my problem..hence the originating frustration...get it yet?..u can blame it on target all u want..h*ll open ur own complaint on target since ur a die hard UPS fan..and thank you for using the fact that they closed for the weekend as an excuse for being late in the first place even though that was a side argument u chose to peruse instead of the d*mn argument stated in the title..(fyi it was only point "A" that was closed for the wknd not pont "B" which it was heading too)..but regardless i kno target would not care if alternate arrangements for delivery were made (mainly b/c u can do that on the UPS website but unfortunately by the time I was alerted to this NOT by someone at the UPS call center/after the BS I put up with, but b/c I decided to do some digging, it was too late to do..so u can reschedule through the website without going through target even tho the opposite was told to me by the sups/..urself..u know the part where u said "Now any changes to the transaction have to be made by Target"...) which shouldn't seem that hard to accomplish to any normal person..thats is y they..target..gave me a refund..and no..they are not the customer b/c my money is what paid for the delivery u dumb ***..all they did was put a request it..but b/c they realized they hired an incompetent shipper they realized their mistake and issued the refund b/c they realize the value of customer service..hope ur tiny brain isn't blown..i even offered to pay for saturday delivery (yay get more money!)..but this was apparently impossible..to anyone else..hmm package scanned here..now package with all sorts of I.D. tracking #'s delivery info..now scanned in here..should be able to find it/set it aside once scanned..but the response..oh theres no way we can set that aside because until that first delivery attempt is made its lost/needle in a hay stack?..well jackazz i kno ur probably trying to su*k ur way to the top of the UPS food chain so here is an A for effort and good luck!!!



I will try to make this simple so you’re smart brain can handle it. (Quote 2 supervisors their answer is there is nothing they can do, the facility is closed for the weekend..however somehow the package is still in transit so they don't know where it is and i will just have to wait) The facility closed for the weekend means thee is no one there to look for your package or give it to you. You are familiar with the concept of a place being closed that means there is no one is there to provide a service or product, And in transit means your Package along with thousands of other packages are in one of those big bright shinny trucks that carry packages all over this country. This last part I know is going to be tough for you to understand but I am going to give it a shot. UPS was hired to deliver this package from Target. Now any changes to the transaction have to be made by Target in other words you are Targets customer and Target is UPS Customer and UPS will only make changes that the Customer makes and in there case that’s Target

I hope this Helps!!!!!!!!


"I understand that you were not giving the company an excuse, as they simply failed to deliver. I can also put two and two together as you were simply pointing this out and since I am smart I realize this fact...I think I simply had to vent because I made the mistake of taking a day off when my package was not out for delivery. I just needed someone else to blame it on."

Response to this..read the title of the argument..since apparently reading is the hard part of the tards who have a problem with the complaint..sorry i thought the title was short enough for all to understand..the jackazz below just chose to pick out a result from the original argument and add some assumptions to support their brilliant argument instead of addressing the real argument which i thought the title would state, but i will restate again as simple as possible:

package..= at one location b/c of lateness=ok..sh*t happens..now package on its way to new location..call made to have package held at either the original location OR the location it is headed to which is known..departure and arrival scans made so this package is actually tracked so when it arrives or leaves it is noted...response given is there is a contractual obligation to make a delivery attempt before it can be picked up..statement made by a UPS supervisor..not the originating shipper..feel free to post this contract if u don't think ur responsible for the "titled" complaint..this is the original complaint u *** f**ks..everything else was a result of this..ur dumb arguments/assumptions etc..which u didn't even address r the original complaint..addressed in the freaking title but the t*rds below apparently couldn't figure it out..u definitely work for UPS b/c no one else would give a *** b/c they don't have any one's *** to suck at the moment to get ahead at their job.

And Milton, no planes or trains or trucks needed to be stopped..clearly the package was at one nearby location and was headed to another nearby location...it was scanned in at the original location and was destined to be scanned in at the new...near by..location..riddle me this a "jackazz" likes to put it..that once it is scanned in, they can't just set it aside for pick up...oh wait..there's a contractual obligation...and now? we've come back to the the original complaint....



Sorry I did not understand your original statement clearly as I should have. I was jumping to conclusions the whole time. I realize that assumptions are one of the biggest forms of ignorance!

Drawing from your statement, you never said that it was not UPS' fault that my package did not arrive on time. By stating that if they give a deadline and do not deliver, they give a refund, meaning that it was in fact their fault. Basically I just reiterated what you said, but in a mocking form.

I also understand what you meant by finding a needle in a haystack...Unless that package is scanned into a truck, it is going down a conveyor line and being sorted along with thousands of other packages at a time. Even when it is scanned onto a plane or semi truck, it is packed in with thousands of other packages. Even though they have the technology to track which plane or truck it could be in, they would have to halt airport traffic. I realize from a business perspective since I am a smart person that it would cost the company thousands or more dollars to halt everything and pay the whole operation to search for my one package that did not cost a fraction of that.

I understand that you were not giving the company an excuse, as they simply failed to deliver. I can also put two and two together as you were simply pointing this out and since I am smart I realize this fact...I think I simply had to vent because I made the mistake of taking a day off when my package was not out for delivery. I just needed someone else to blame it on.