they give you a tracking number. You make the day free for delivery, for three days you look at the tracking info, to make sure all is going well, including the morning of the delivery.

You wonder at noon what is going on, and see that after your last check of the tracking number, at 10;30 a.m., they decide to change the delivery date without consulting with you. They claim they did not have the buzzer number. Funny they were able to call me this evening, they couldn't have done so before, or even this morning. drivers can't have cellphones, supposedly because they will use it while driving.

They could park the car (or do they just throw their: I was here, you weren't notices out of the moving car), call, and make the delivery. Get out of the stone ages, and by the way, Purolator is no better. Please, oh, please, let's keep the post office. I get a notice, I walk over to the post office, three blocks away, at my leisure, and then it is done.

The UPS and Purolator people want me to drive out to the airport to pick it up.

I will never use those services again, and companies that do won't get my business. Just the post office for me

Monetary Loss: $200.

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