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UPS made an attempt of delivery two times the same day, on the 14th nov, just letting me know the second time, then to leave a note telling they would come the next monday, in between 10:30am and 5pm.

I waited all day long, leaving the main entrance of the block open all day long with a note for the other tenants, and even tuesday they would never show up.

I called UPS to tell them the phone of the Janitor so they can can him to pickup the delivery, then they came next friday the 24rth and left no notice and send back the package to its origin, I had to call the FIDO company to know the tracking number and be aware what happened, then they are sending me another phone, I asked them to send it by post Canada, I still have to wait for the 5th of december and I am losing my best gigs of the years, cause I am a musician and was expecting important contracts for december. And my granny died in the hospital last week, I couldnt receive call from her and the family...

UPS as in UPSet!

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:cry Awww! Cry baby, cry.

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