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I had a very important financial document shipped UPS next day which I paid my financial company a $25.00 premium fee. A UPS man came to my door on the correct day but said he tore the truck apart but could not find it.

He said it must be on the other truck which would come soon. Guess what it never came. I checked the automated tracking and it gave no information where the parcel was. I called customer service and they said the local office was closed on Saturday and I should wait until Monday.

I explained the important nature of getting that document.

Sorry but we can not help you. UPS stands for Ultimately Poor Service.

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Medford, New Jersey, United States #662467

Saturday is not a regular business day. ONLY packages with a special Saturday service fee are delivered that day.

Fedex Express is the same.

Your shipper would haave had to select that service when they shipped it or the delivery will take place on Monday. It's unfortunate that your vendor made a mistake.

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