I heard a knock on my door so as i got up to answer, I hear the package being thrown over my gate and the driver was already leaving. Couldn't he wait 2 minutes until i opened the gate for him.

He broke the package and as he was leaving gave me a face as if i was taking 20 minutes to open the door.

I didn't know it was that big of a deal to wait under 5 minutes for someone to ope the door. On top of everything the package delivered broke so now I have to return it.

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2 mins or 5? either way....


if he was able to driver release it why waste time waiting. However throwing it over a gate is unacceptable


If the driver knocked on your door, how was there a gate to throw your package over? He would have had your package with him at the door, and would have been able to just set it down.

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Drivers have more than 250 individual addresses to deliver to each day. Waiting 2 min per stop is 500 min, which means they are spending most of their day waiting around.

The drivers do not have 2 min per stop to wait.

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