If there was an option to give UPS as a company Zero stars, I would pick it.

UPS is a pain to work with, talk to, deal with... all calls are routed to the Phillipines, and it seems as though all their people really could care less about not only picking up from their customers, but actually handling packages choosing to deal with much more complicated bureaucratic red tape. After asking to speak with someone in Canada, they refused to forward my call.

Not only can the people in the call center not make a decision, but it takes over twenty minutes for them to take a call for a pick up. With great difficulty and inconvenience, they arraged for some waybills to be dropped off. However, the driver would only provide ONE waybill, despite having several boxes, telling me that I would have to get more from the center. Incredibly lazy.

Couldn't find my account number, UPS refused to let me know what my own account number is to ship with them citing "privacy" reasons. As a result, they would not pick up. Found my account number after some digging.

The driver shows up, and after asking a number of irrelevant questions such as the shipper and receivers account number which were labelled on the box, decides that he doesn't have time to write an address on the waybill which he provided and walks away. Had to call for another pickup, as this driver refused to come back. This was discovered after calling them to find out where the guy was and that he wouldn't be there until after hours, perhaps 8pm. Yes, companies close at 5 and they expect you to wait.

UPS wastes an incredible amount of your time. Customer be warned! As a company, we will not be using UPS again. Fedex however, is friendly, easy to work with, they readily accept your packages and are well worth the extra dollor or two more to avoid the hassle of UPS.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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