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They are running a SCAM!!

I preordered an iPad mini and received notification that it would be delivered today. But, yesterday I decided to track the package. The status said on Wednesday 11/7/12, "The receiver requested a hold for a future delivery date. UPS will attempt delivery on date requested." The tracking status was updated at 4:45 pm when my husband was sitting right at home and no one came to our door. We NEVER requested to hold the package for future delivery. I immediately called UPS customer service asking who decided to have the package held because we never did. He said there wasn't any information as to who requested it. We didn't even get a notification on our door. The customer service representative said the package was scheduled to go out on Thursday 11/8/12 (the same day I called) but it didn't go out for delivery and he didn't know why. I requested to just pick it up at the Landover UPS on Friday. He said I can come in anytime between 8am to 7pm to pick it up.

Well today I checked the tracking and it was confirmed that the iPad was at their Landover UPS location and it was signed by someone named "Mark" at 8:09am. I went there around 4:30pm and guess what? THEY COULDN'T FIND IT! They said, any high valued items like apple products are normally locked up in a security cage. They had three places where the package could only be and it was no where to be found. They pretended to keep looking for it and I just sat there and waited for over an hour. I demanded for a manager several times and it seemed like she was avoiding me. I asked them to contact "Mark" and he could probably tell them where he put it. All they could tell me was, he was at home and got off of work at 3:30pm. I asked for the counter customer service representatives name and he asked me, "What do you need that for?" I told him I was filing a complaint. He said, he goes by Chris but just minutes later someone called him Charles. Then I asked for the managers name and everyone didn't know here last name. How does 4 employees don't know their managers last name? Charles or whatever his name is said, the manager was involved and she was looking for my package. But, of course she couldn't come out to speak to me. No one bothered to let me know what the status was while I was sitting there for over an hour.

I was so frustrated and I called my husband to let him know what was going on. He immediately came and demanded to speak to the manager "Syreeta". She had an attitude. She asked me for my last name and address. I instantly got angry and told her I was sitting here for over an hour and you didn't have that information already?? I was told you were searching for my package and you weren't! So, they were going to let me just sit here all day and pretend as if they were helping me and they weren't doing anything. The whole time she didn't acknowledge the package was missing. She was afraid to face the truth, that her employees stole my package and she didn't know how to tell me. Finally with my husband there, she looked in the warehouse for no more than 10 minutes. She began giving excuses by saying they don't have "control logs" to track where that package should of been internally. She wasn't sure if it was there or across the street. They don't have a way to track it. Of course I asked why would it be across the street and she said that the package originally came from there. But, why would someone sign for it at this UPS if it was across the street? She was pretty much trying to blow us off and get us out of there. She said, high priced items like apple products should be locked up in the security cage but it wasn't and she didn't know where it was and just stood there with no resolution. She just shrug her shoulders and pretty much told us that too bad they didn't have it. I asked her, what do we do next? She said, we had to contact apple customer service or ups customer service. We even waited until 8pm to go the UPS across the street when they have their WILL call and they were wondering why did she refer us to them and why would they have our package.

All in all, the information that was conveyed to us by Syreeta was not consistent. Her and her employees weren't genuinely concerned. No one seemed to care. They didn't mind me just sitting in the waiting area for over an hour while they "looked" for my package. They kept saying they couldn't find it but didn't offer any solution. Since there isn't any "control logs" this is the perfect way for employees to steal items. All the employees knew I had an iPad and I didn't even tell them what was in my package. The package was signed by "Mark" but no one seems to know where he put it and couldn't give me any explanation. Who's not doing their job? My package should of been in the "security cage" but no one knows why it wasn't.

I filed a complaint and investigation with Apple and UPS. These employees are doing their early Christmas shopping at the customers expense!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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