First, my package was delayed two days, due to (minimal) weather conditions, in which roads were absolutely drivable, yet UPS decided to delay regardless. It was then undelivered the next day, even though the "tracking" on their awful website said it would be rescheduled for delivery the next day.

At this point it is Saturday, and wow--big surprise--UPS doesn't ship to residential addresses on Saturdays, unlike their competitors! So, I patiently wait until Monday, and the tracking information is STILL not updated.

This is absolutely horrid service, and is completely unacceptable. I will refrain from using UPS in the future and will recommend the same to everyone I know. UPS is a sorry excuse for a shipping company and Federal Express or USPS will undoubtedly provide better service.

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I ordered a package on the 30th, and it shipped out of TN (to UT) on the 31st (Monday). So of course because of all the snow my package gets sent straight north into Indiana, where it has sat since Tuesday.

Today is Friday, and i called UPS, who told me they only deliver on Saturday if the shipper pays extra, and no they would not do it for free, and it would likely be delivered on Monday or Tuesday.

So my "3 Day Select" has turned into "A Week And Then Some".

The worst part? On Thursday morning it was marked "In Transit" to SLC, but according to the agent i spoke to it hasn't actually left IN yet.


@ Brown, YOU ARE AN IGNORANT AND RACIST A**HOLE!!!!!! You deserve to have problems when you have the nerve to say something of that nature! And for your information, UPS has people of all nationalities working for them in case you're blind!!


This is what happens when UPS hires n*i*g*g*e*r*s.

I'm having the same problem with those lazy useless POS.


USPS will undoubtedly provide better service :grin :grin :grin


You have to remember that just because your neighborhood may be fine weather wise, it doesn't mean that where the package is coming from is also fine. If you live in Texas and order something from NYC, where they've closed the airports due to snow or something, that would cause a delay.

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