For at least the last 6 years UPS has been turning a blind eye to high dollar thefts by drivers. The company refuses to investigate, repeatedly. I have had at least 4 high value items stolen by drivers in the ROCKLIN CALIFORNIA warehouse.

In the last 3 years thefts are up over 1200% Headquarters refuses to do anything about it.

I have talked to DOZENS of friends around the country and ALL have experienced the exact same thing. It's time to expose these thieves and the structure that supports them. If we keep people from using them, especially before Christmas and we take food out of their mouths, maybe they will wake up before i beat the ____ out of the next driver.

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I ordered $97 of goods form USA firm webhealth and they used UPS to deliver and they never deleivered. They lied and said they tried but they never did contact me ever and now say they have "destroyed the goods" and won;t communicate with me.

Thevies. Tiem to go to court and claim with the law maybe?


Okay, how do you know it is your driver??? It could be one of the part-time loaders or sorters that are pilfering from your packages.

Don't blame the driver just because he is the face you see. I know of many people, drivers, part-timers and management, that have been fired for theft at UPS.


If they steal from you, why do you keep using them?


Yeah, that's why I use FedEx. UPS is known for thefts of products and doing NOTHING about it.

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