I heard that UPS Canada gave $2 Tim Horton's gift cards to their employees as Christmas bonus.I heard this from someone who received the card.

Why would they even bother giving anything ...$2 is just ridiculous and unbelievable!! They don't seem to care about their employees, all they care about is making money. They should have just bought coffee and donuts for everyone. If it wasn't for a very reliable source I wouldn't believe it.

I feel sorry for the person who had to fill $2 in each gift card for hundreds of employees.Next time how about a lottery ticket instead, it wouldn't be so insulting then!


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I have worked for UPS for over 18 years.One thing i dont think people think about is that not only are they a horrible company to work for you are only getting good pay and benefits because you are in the UNION.

If it werent for the employees having a union UPS would be paying their employees minimum wage.And they would almost for sure one of the largest employers of illegals in the country.


My husband has been with UPS 32 years.Since Christmas, and since adopting the Orion (spelling??) system, he has been working no less than 10, and sometimes more than 12 hours a day and more.

He's not alone. Darcy Reid is the area manager, but she knows NOTHING about the routes, people, or conditions. She is only a numbers person. I don't know if UPS reads these, but she is doing a lousy job.

Moral is at an ALL TIME LOW! Is it going to take an exhausted UPSer killing him/herself in an accident and being sued before they do something with this woman?

A female UPSer died from complications of heat exhaustion this week. It has averaged in the upper 90's for a while now.

All the center manager can say is, "I know how you feel.

This is coming from corporate.

Just do the best you can."

I'll see my husband around 10:30 tonight....again.


Wyoming, Michigan, United States #815976

Ups is very much anti family my husband is a driver and he is trying to coach our sons baseball team and they won't let him he works so hard for them and thy could care less. It is gross how they managers treat the drivers they flat out tell them if they want a family life they should have another job.


They used to give everyone turkeys for the holidays! Now they just over work the management staff.....

UPS is anti-family, and doesn't believe in "life balance".

Fed up with the stress the company puts on families!!!!!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #752966

I worked for ups canada for three years and we have never gotten anything other than card that says good job from our manager mike oneil who am sure has a first pass to ***. Ups is the worst company to ever work for believe me three years of un appreciation. And if you don't have a union like I did just forget buddy be prepared to be treated like *** and human resource don't even mention them for they all in bed with management.


I have over thirty years in driving and I can say what everyone says is 100% true!When the company went public with stock it really got greedy and they have always treated their employees like ***.

They still preach safety to cover their *** but overload drivers so they have to run and skip lunches.These comments come from all over the country , doesn't that tell people how bad it is .And these comments stretch over years .

to Anonymous #770951

So true! My husband is a supervisor & they don't even follow driver regulations (since they don't punch a time clock). They abuse management terribly & don't have a problem filling driver positions with management (that way they save on payroll. I'm really surprised that the teamsters allows this? That takes away from union hires?

Sick of UPS!!

New York City, New York, United States #641205

I have been with ups for 25 years and I will say with all honesty it is an absolute horrible unscrupulous company to work for.They preach safety but all they care about is numbers and working as fast as you can.

They will run you into the ground. Take it for what it is. The pay and benefits are very good. Ups is not a job you seek its a job you wind up with.

It was not always like this. There is no morale among the workers. It is strictly a divided company management and union. Both sides hating the other and doing whatever they can to make the other miserable.

You really have to work there to understand how poorly ups is run.I will collect my pension and wish nothing but misfortune on this evil company.


UPS is the most underhanded "good ole boy" company in existance.I have been working for UPS for 12 years at one of the Data Centers.

My salary is *** pathetic. My shady boss resigns & leaves a spot for a new grade 16 manager. Is it offered to me? *** NO!

Its given to a *** with no degree who was already a manageer.*** UPS!


One of my friends works with UPS.He told me it is true if one defined UPS as "Under Paid Slaves".

It pays minimum wage. Female and moreover new comers are put in trucks to off load very very heavy packages,Old staff are lions who do not want any invader into their territories or else you are shown the exit before you know. It is a pity that there is scarcity of work other wise my friends relative wouldn't have stuck in this ***. Supervisors are living demons or ghosts that are roaming the warehouse in search for who to mistreat.

The innocent have no one to lean on apart from keeping their piece and do what is needed from them.So once you get your package broken, delayed this is all what I hard is happening.

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