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I have been waiting since mid-March for resolution of a claim, which supposedly was filed by UPS for a shipment I had packed and shipped through UPS Store #4097. This was for a laser printer which was damaged while being delivered by UPS to a repair facility in Madison, WS. I have had no official or written report or answer to this claim in that time. For all I know, the UPS Store #4097, as Shipper of Record, still has this printer (which UPS returned to them), and no offer has been made to compensate me for even the cost of the failed shipment. In addition, a representative of The UPS Store Corporate has called me twice and left messages, first to say she was filing a claim with The UPS Store, and would call me back in three days. No call. A month later she called to say she'd call me back the next day with The UPS Store's answer. Again no call. Emails to Customer Service for UPS has gotten me sympathy, but no action, except for one representative handing me off to another, who told me I'd have to talk to the UPS Store. From what I can tell from the store owner's broken English is that the kid who packed the printer said I told him to pack it as cheaply as possible. That is a lie. Cost never came up, and I told him, when he said he had to use peanuts, and not bubble wrap, to do whatever he had to do. He put the printer in a box with about two inches of space around the printer. A bit of bubble wrap, and the rest was pink peanuts. Photos I have that were sent to me by the repair facility I sent it to show a printer that has a case cracked in at least 3 places, and a frame that is bent out of shape. Since no action has been taken on this in three months, during which my printer has been sitting in the back of The UPS Store, I consider this both breach of contract, and maybe even theft for making no attempt to return even a damaged printer to me.

Ken Hecker

Tracking number: 1Z8720AV4264826937

Monetary Loss: $422.

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