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I live in Norfolk Virginia and I order a lot of things online because I am disabled. The one of the UPS drivers here ( a middle aged white guy) would rather leave a fraudulent "attempt notice" then to walk up a flight of stairs with a package.

If you call UPS to complain...you are told by the woman at the distribution center that you can just arrange to go to their location and pick your package up. Is she crazy? I don't know about you...but after I have paid extra for shipping charges...I really don't see the point in having to hobble over to their UPS distribution center: especially since I was at home each time that this lying UPS driver claims to have been unable to make his delivery. (During this same period I have gotten timely deliveries from both the post office and Fedex...So why not UPS?) I have complained enough times about this particular driver to know that his Norfolk supervisors don't care what he does.

I am writing now because today I finally found a way to handle this situation.

I called the store from whom I had made my purchase explained the problem that I was having with UPS and cancelled the order. At first the store wanted me to wait until the package was delivered back to them ...but after I explained to them that I never got the package and that UPS was their (the store's agent, not mine)...They immediately reimbursed my money and I made my purchase elsewhere with an online company that does not use this local UPS!

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You did a great move. Big bravo!

Hopefully the store will receive all the complaints about UPS low quality services so they start taking action, and why not stop using UPS.

I admire you! I wish everyone finds time to report their bad experience with UPS.

I will never use UPS again.

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