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Update by user May 20, 2013

Package did arrive on 10th... box was all crumbled up with tape all over it...

definitely looked like someone tried to re-tape the box.. One of the content was i had to get it replaced...

I contacted UPS but since package was delivered, they didn't even bother to respond... I receive packages from UPS, FedEx & i can't say i'll never use UPS again, but I'll try to avoid UPS as much as i can from now on...

Original review posted by user May 10, 2013

My package was suppose to arrive on May 2nd (according to tracking info) and was 'out for delivery' then some how UPS decided 'receiver has moved to different location'. For whatever reason, UPS sent my package to NYC and made two attempts to deliver my package to some apartment in NYC. When I contacted UPS on 3rd, I was told they've corrected the error... also they told me I'll have to wait until monday or tuesday for my package... on 6th I get this on tracking page "The UPS Initiated Delivery Intercept request for this package was successfully completed. / The address has been corrected. The delivery has been rescheduled."... sounds correct but they were sending my package back to NYC!!!

I contact UPS and again they assured me i'll get my package and they apologized for all the inconvenience they caused...

This happened back and forth until today.. i still don't have my package.

I asked them 'why they can't do simple job of delivering the package to the address that's written on the label?' again, simple apology... sorry for your inconvenience... My last conversation with customer support was on 8th and this lady assured me several times that correction was made and i'll be receiving my package that day... yeah right.. i got a email later that night from UPS telling me they've intercepted my package to correct the issue... so they flat out lied to me... here's the link for complete transaction history of my missing package... it's quite long activity log for a one box delivery.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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it sounds like someone made a change of delivery while the package was in transit, sounds like a scam to me...


UPS is a real j@ckazz outfit. Most of the drivers are pretty good, but the people in "coporate," are basically number crunchers who don't care squat about actual people and only try to crack the whip to make the numbers look good, at least the numbers they're responsible for.

Especially consider how they look to surcharge everything possible. As for holding them to their guarantees, they'll try every scam and double talk known to get you to drop your claim and not have to refund you any money.