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I was tracking my package on UPS when it said it was delivered and signed by a name I had never heard of. When i called ups they were arguing with me telling me its been delivered to my house (which it had not).

That night someone who lives on my street brought over my package and said "i think this might be yours". Ups delivered my $400 dollar package to another house on my street, thankfully that person was honest and brought over the package (after they had opened it). I paid Ups to deliver my package to my house, not a random person on my streets house. Now that person (whom I know nothing about) knows my first and last name, which house I live in and what is it of their business what i purchased online.

A very rude UPS lady called me the next day and told me it is in the fine print to deliver to anyone in my neighborhood and if they steal my package then its up to me to put in a police claim. I said "what if i dont even know the people they randomly dropped my package off with" the lady said, "thats your problem." They take no responsibility for this. The lady was rude and completely unhelpful. I work in the customer service industry and if i had talked to a customer the way this lady talked to me i would have been written up or fired!

I pay to have my packages delivered to my house, not my neighbors house, not the people down the streets house, and if i miss the delivery should be able to pick it up. Not have a $400 package delivered to a random house near mine. Unacceptable.

How am i supposed to feel like my packages are safe and secure with a company that leaves your packages wherever they feel like it, and another thing they didn't even leave us a ticket or a slip saying WHERE they left my package, so was left to worry all night that my package was missing and no one had the decency to tell me where it was! This is a terrible company to deal with, the customer service is *** and i would rather pay extra money to deal with fedex, Purolator or Canada post.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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