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Ordered a MacBook Pro off of Apple's website, was sent to UPS from Apple the next day. I get a Friday delivery date from UPS with expedited 2nd Day Air, was looking forward to Friday. Wake up Friday morning and see that there is a shipping exception, and the package was misplaced in San Francisco, (supposed to reach Sacramento). All day Friday the tracking page changed from In Transit to Exception, every time I refreshed the page. Now it's Saturday and the tracking page says it's in West Sacramento, which is the closest operating facility, In Transit, On Vehicle for Delivery Today, and was loaded onto a truck very early that morning.

Now, usually when people say Today, they mean TODAY, not next week, or Monday. Today.

6:00 PM rolls around on Saturday and I begin to get worried, usually UPS shipments show up around 1 or 2. In a curious state I call UPS to see if I can get a different answer. I did. They told me Monday, because my package didn't have a special label for Saturday, which is understood, extra cost for UPS or something.

Here's my complaint: If my package is misplaced, delayed, then found, I feel that I should get super expedited shipping, Saturday included. Especially because it is SO CLOSE.

Second of all, fix the website. Everywhere on the website screams TODAY. If it isn't coming today, don't tell me today. Report to me the correct information so I don't waste your time getting mad at customer service representatives, which I hate getting mad at because I know there is nothing they can do, nor is it their fault.

Overall, my complaint wasn't anything to do with it being misplaced, and although it will be here Monday, UPS had the ability and the reason to deliver it Saturday. UPS has no money to refund me, because it was still technically within the shipping range provided, but it'd be nice to get my $14.00 for expedited shipping back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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clean out the cache on your computer.


So you have to wait a few extra days big deal.


Not It was the fact that he paid extra for faster shipping and then they delayed it so he basically wasted his money and got no refund.