Someone overseas ordered something for me for Christmas from the US in plenty of time to reach me before Christmas. They sent me the tracking info and was supposed to be delivered by December 23rd.

It had a scan that told me on their online tracking system that it would be delivered that day. Waited all day and evening, nothing came. Called them, they assured me it would be delivered the next day. Since this is a gift from one of my dear friends, I waited all day again since the tracking info online said it would be delivered on the 24th and it was delayed.

Nothing again. Called them again, they didn't know why it wasn't delivered but they were certain it would be delivered on the 27th. Nothing on the 27th either. Called again, someone finally sent a message to the Calgary center and someone named Amanda called me and told me she was trying to page the driver to look for it on his truck and she would call me when she hears from him.

Never called me back and there was no way for me to call her back. Now it is over two weeks and still nothing but they are now telling me they still have thousands of parcels from Christmas still being delivered. That makes no sense to me at all. My friend contacted the company she purchased from, they sent another package to her address in Calgary.

It was shipped on January 2nd and received on January 3rd. Don't know who to believe anymore - seems like all their customer service agents are trained to lie as much as possible, make up stories.

TWO WEEKS UPS - What is wrong with you. Maybe you should hire Canada Post to deliver the backlog for you since you obviously can't handle it.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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