I had initially set my UPS pickup time to 9am-2pm. Since nobody came, at 2pm I called them and they said that the pickup time was actually 9am-4pm.

But I had kept the collection request that mentioned 9-2. Then they said that the time had been amended by the office and that they should have contacted me to let me know. When I called again later it was another story: the driver was running late. At 4:01pm I called again and was told that the driver had come to my place at 4pm and that nobody was there.

I told them that it was presently 4pm and that I hadn’t moved all day. They sent a message to the centre and told me that the centre would call me within one hour. UPS Camden called and told me that the driver came to my place at 4pm but that the parcel was not ready (new story). They told me that they would try to find another driver in the neighbourhood and call me back within 15 minutes.

They did to tell me that no driver was in the neighbourhood. They offered me to rearrange a collection for the next day but I refused and said that I would rather walk to Fulham Road to drop it myself straight away. They told me that they would investigate the driver’s GPS and that if he had lied they would take measures and call me the next morning to let me know the outcome.

Since I received no call, I called them again the next day at 12:15 and asked them to send a message to UPS Camden to ask them to call me. But nobody called me.

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